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Vancouver Flights at Cheapest Rates With Superfares 

It’s time you head to Vancouver for your upcoming vacation and why not when you can avail great discounts on flights to Vancouver International Airport with Superfares. On our website you will find an innumerable number of flight deals especially curated for Vancouver at quite affordable rates. From one-way flights, round trip flights to special deals, we can cater it all. If you have some particular requirements you can share it with our professionals and they will come up with the best travel plan for you. Contact us today & Get done with your flight bookings !

Flights To Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Vancouver International Airport is one of the most important and renowned airports in Canada. It serves international passengers on a regular basis. Located on Sea Island in Richmond, it is one of the most popular airports among locals as well as foreigners. The airport serves regional, domestic and international passenger and cargo services. It was leased to the Federal Government of Canada right before the onset of the Second World War. Therefore, this airport also has a great historical significance.

Vancouver International Airport Terminals

Vancouver airport has two terminals- the Main terminal and the South terminal. The Main terminal comprises the domestic and international concourses. Free wifi is operational on all the terminals. The domestic concourse was constructed by Thomson, Berwick, and Pratt, a Vancouver-based company. The three piers A-C are available here. Pier A has six gates, from A6 to A10 and A12, and they are used by WestJet Encore. Pier B has 14 gates, from B13 to B23 and from B26 to B28. They currently serve domestic flights to various destinations. Pier C has 24 gates, from C29 to C52.

The international concourses contain Pier D and E. Pier D has 17 gates that serve international flights and selected US-based flights. Pier E has the US border preclearance area with 20 gates. The majority of US-bound flights operate from here. The South terminal operated regional flights regularly.

Passengers can easily commute within the terminals through to buses and shuttles. They can also use the underground terminal passages in order to travel from one terminal to another. It takes approximately 20 minutes to cover the entire distance. The airport provides the best commutation facilities which can help you move around with ease. You can also spend quality time shopping, or eating at restaurants, at the airport if your flight is delayed

Arrivals & Departures At Vancouver International Airport

There is only one terminal, where there are 5 concourses available. The terminal is used for both international and domestic departures. However, the concourses connect various gates altogether to make it convenient for the passengers. 

Services Offered By Vancouver International Airport

YVR airport ensures that the passengers experience seamless services at any point of the day. There are a host of facilities provided by the Vancouver airport authorities. some of them are listed below:

Transport Options Available From Vancouver International Airport

Book your cheap flights to Vancouver International Airport soon, and visit the tourist attractions in and sound Canada. Here are some ways to reach Vancouver from the airport:

Car Parking Facility at YVR Airport

The premium car parking services at the Vancouver International Airport can help you to park your car easily. It is a spacious place with an organized pattern so that none of the cars collide with each other. They charge a day for car parking, which generally depends on the vehicle you choose to park. Other than that, it is located just beside the international concourses.

Five Interesting Facts About Vancouver International Airport

Top Airlines Connected With Vancouver International Airport

There are a host of popular Airlines which serve direct and indirect Vancouver International Airport flights. Some of them include Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Air India, Jet Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, Air France, and others. You can easily book your airline tickets to YVR.

Flight Status Of Airlines Flying From/To Vancouver International Airport

If you want to know about the timings of arrivals and departures of flights to Vancouver, you can visit the airline’s website. You will also get additional information like YVR airport code, timings of connecting flights, and more.

Nearby Airports To Vancouver International Airport

While our Airports near me tool helps travelers find airports within 100 miles of their city, we have listed a few here for convenience.

Vancouver International Airport Contact Information

You can get hold of the customer staff and green coat volunteers at the Vancouver International Airport in case of any queries. Their contact number is 604.207.7077, and 604.2-7.7070 (TTY/TDD). In case of lost baggage or any difficulty, you can email the airport authorities customercallcentre@yvr.ca. They are also available on Twitter (@yvrairport) 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The international airport is located 12 km away from the main city of Vancouver. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to cover the distance by car.

A: Vancouver airport is the second busiest airport in Canada. It receives an immense rush of international passengers almost throughout the day.

A: Almost all Canadian airport codes start with the letter ‘Y.’ This is simply a convention that has become a trend in this country. The letter ‘Y’ is followed by the important letters of the cities’ names. So, for Vancouver, it is VR.

A: You need to arrive at the Vancouver airport at least three hours ahead of your flight timing. This is because the processing timings have become longer due to the covid-19 pandemic situations.

A: Vancouver airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond. It is part of British Columbia.



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