Spring Break Destinations (Budget Friendly For Students)

Spring Break Destinations for the students

Posted on 19th Mar, 2021 by Superfares , Updated 7 months ago

Best Spring Break Destinations

What is the one thing students scratch their heads for while choosing their spring break destinations? Budget! The collegiate ritual of spring breaks filled with ridicule parties, suntan, and food is the dream of every student but looking for a budget-friendly spring break destination is a gauntlet. To help you plan out your spring break travel, we have compiled a list of 14 such destinations that will help you decide where to camp this spring and this gets easier with the discount on student flights.

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1. South Padre Island, Texas

south padre island texas
South Padre Island, Texas

What attracts such huge crowds of college students to the South Padre Island in Texas are their live events and the parties that do not die down. The exotic beaches, fun activities, club parties, and concerts offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. WIth major Texas cities like Dallas and Houston within driving distances, South Padre Island spring break is more than just loud beach parties. Adventures like deep-sea fishing trips, kiteboarding, bungee jumping, and rock wall climbing are the bonus of all the partying!

2. Exumas, Bahamas

exumas bahamas one of the best Spring Break Destinations
Exumas, Bahamas

Not everyone likes loud music and beach bashes all day long to enjoy the spring break, and for those of you, the Exumas is the perfect location to chill. The undiscovered beaches of this group of islands will get you the thin crowd you are looking for in the post-pandemic world. Amongst the most laid-back options in the Bahamas, Exuma offers you to swim with the pigs and relax on the unexplored beaches.

3. Miami, Florida

miami florida
Miami Florida

To experience your spring break the traditional way with nightclubs, food, and drinks, all within budget, Miami is the best option for you. With a great assortment of options in food and activities within your budget, Miami is an all-time high-ranked spring break destination amongst students. The culture of spring breaks has always associated itself with Florida beaches spring break with Miami being one of the most popular of them all, so bring your bathing suits, bring your sunscreen, and enjoy the most iconic parties of ‘em all.

4. Cancun, Mexico

cancun mexico
Cancun, Mexico

If you find yourself partying in the middle of a huge crowd of college students, all wanting to find a cheaper place to stay, you are in Mexico. Cancun is by far the most popular spring break Mexico destination, which offers less than cheap stays and the best parties you could experience. You cannot get enough of the wild boat parties, laser shows, vibrant culture, and themed parties all of which will make you want to stay longer.

5. Jamaica


Easily the most groovy best spring break destinations, Jamaica allures you with its white beaches and exotic scenery that you could experience within budget. For every adventure you have dreamt about, name it and Jamaica offers it at cheap prices, wrapped in the flavor of the Caribbean. Travel this spring break Jamaica for its nightclubs and amazing weather in March through April.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

Picture a gondola ride, with you sipping mocktails and extra wedding decorations to light up your senses. Contrary to popular opinion, Las Vegas can offer a lot more than gambling and partying. Las Vegas offers you a quirky and unconventional Las Vegas spring break without asking you to go to isolated islands. Pack your bags and gather your quirkiness for this break filled with sea-food and tanning.

7. Playa Del Carmen

playa del carmen
Playa Del Carmen

If you are looking for a budget-friendly spring break destinations for families, Playa Del Carmen is your place to party. The hub for travelers for its quaint picturesque views and nightlife, Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen offers a great place to spend your family vacation wisely. 

8. Colorado


Colorado might not be the first choice of spring break for many but it surely calls out to many cold lovers who want to take out time to ski. Let the ski resorts, bungee jumping and discounted student fights help you make up your mind. Where else would you find awesome hot tub parties in March and April? 

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

new orleans louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

The definition of cheap spring break with $7 meals and affordable rides, New Orleans is much more than the voodoo culture it has been famous for. With grand architectural places to explore and lit-up streets, this budget-friendly destination will make your spring break most happening than the other students.

10. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

punta cana dominican republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If you hail from the North or don’t get to experience the beaches, Punta Cana is the perfect place for you that offers Instagram-worthy beaches and affordable stays for your spring break. Put that floral shirt on and enjoy a laid-back break from the hustle with the discounted student flights and cheap Punta Cana spring break travel.

11. Honolulu, Hawaii

honolulu hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii

While Ibiza is not ideal for spring break, Hawaii makes up for it with the nightlife and lesser crowds in Honolulu. The beaches are everything out of a perfect traditional Hawaii spring break and the adventures like parasailing and surfing are to die for. 

12. Laguna Beach, California

best Spring Break Destinations is laguna beach california
Laguna Beach, California

If you are all about exploring the West Coast this spring break, Laguna Beach in California is going to help you experience day time magic of beaches filled with excited students. Straight out of Mtv set, actually better than that, this place is a haven for anyone who enjoys spas, shopping, and clear waters. Laguna Beach is ideal for everyone as it provides a custom experience for every person with hiking trails, adventure, idle beaches, parties, and oh! Food.

13. Portland, Oregon

portland oregon
Portland, Oregon

If you are not much infatuated with beaches, maybe the city of literary landmarks, coffee shops, and nature-loving people is your place to visit this year. Portland is not a traditional spring break destination, but who said only beaches are mandatory? Explore the city on its cheap public transportation and the funky culture because remember, funky is the new cool!

14. Cuba, Caribbean

cuba caribbean one of the best Spring Break Destinations
Cuba, Caribbean

City Cuba promises to charm you if you are into historically rich places and raw culture. The cigars and Spanish architecture will lure you into spending your spring break there, walking down the colorful lanes, and hiking up the beautiful mountain trails. You can go around looking for stories as the people have preserved their rich culture or get indulged in the rhythm of salsa. 


If you got inspired by any of these Spring Break Destinations, we advise you to pack up your bags and board the flight. And don’t worry about the exorbitant flight prices! Superfares has bumper discounts on student flights that will help make up your mind. Whatever the destination is, we are here to help you plan your spring break with you. So get in touch with us today! Click here to read more travel blog.


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