Dorney Park: All You Need To Know

Dorney Park | Wildwater Kingdom: All You Need To Know About This Amusing Place

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For all the travellers who plan to visit Philadelphia, surely plan to explore the well renowned Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. This huge amusement and water park is located in Allentown , Philadelphia. It is one of the greatest parks that offers adventure for all ages and hence it is quite famous amongst travellers. The best part about this park is that you get the features of two great parks at the price of one.

Dorney Park: Introduction & History

Dorney Park is spread over an area of 200 acres that offers a complete package of amusement and fun that is truly unmatchable. There are more than 100 Dorney park rides, shows, and attractions for all types of guests. The amusement park is most famous for its roller coasters and the largest collection of kid’s rides in Planet Snoopy. No doubt why it is considered one of the best amusement parks and water parks in the country.

As it is one of the most visited amusement parks in the United States, it serves its visitors a perfect combination of family fun and thrills. Whether you are up for some adrenaline rush or some fun-filled activities to enjoy with family, this park has it all. If we talk about its history, then it traces its mark back to the 1860s. This was when Solomon Dorney built a summer resort at this location and then, in 1870, decided to turn it into a public attraction, and the rest is history then.

Table Of Content

Dorney Park Attractions:

  • Wildwater Kingdom
  • Planet Snoopy
  • Grand Carnivale

Best Time To Visit Dorney Park

If you want to enjoy the best experience of your life at Park, then beat the weekend crowds and visit the park on weekdays. So the best time to enjoy the visit to the park will be during weekdays from Monday to Friday. During this particular period, there’s less influx of tourists and you easily get to enjoy all the rides. 

The summer months of April through September are perfect for exploring all the rides and water amusements of Dorney Park. The park also seems to be less crowded and do note that the park is closed during the winter season.

Wildwater Kingdom

Dorney Park is an amazing amusement park that provides the fun of two theme parks in one place. Splash yourself into the joyous blue waters of park’s Wildwater kingdom and beat the heat in the country’s one of the best-ranked water parks. The park has a tremendous collection of water splashes, including the amazing enthralling water slides. Besides that, just like its name, it also offers several other wild water rides like two tubing rivers, wave pools, and lots more.

Wildwater Kingdom Of Park

There has also been an addition to the Dorney park rides in the water park with a new beach-themed attraction named Sadie Splashworks. It has more than 75 play elements where families can perfectly enjoy their time.

Dorney Park’s Planet Snoopy (Special Kids Section)

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom has a special dedicated section for kids that has amazing rides, theme-based activity sections and lots more. Planet Snoopy is a kid’s theme park and has the largest collection of kid’s rides in the region. If you are visiting Park, then this is the best place to take your kids for the ultimate fun. The theme of the park includes many sections like Charlie Brown, Snoopy and PEANUTS.

Planet Snoopy (Special Kids Section)

It has a total of 16 rides and also arranges special live shows and performances of kids’ interest. All the parents and guardians also find this section very convenient as there are nursing rooms, diaper changing stations and calming rooms as well. In short, this section of Dorney Park is perfect for kids of all ages.

Grand Carnivale

The very famous and international celebration Grand Carnivale of Dorney Park returns every July and brings joyous celebrations from cultures worldwide. Many travellers specially organise their visit to Park to attend the famous Grand Carnivale. The Grand Carnivale encompasses culture from different countries every year like China, India, Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

Grand Carnivale Of Dorney Park

The Carnivale hosts authentic food, music, dance and performances that represent one’s own country’s culture and tradition. In addition to that, the grand carnival also hosts the “Spectacle of Color” with an electric –light parade.

Dorney Park Hours & Tickets

Dorney Park is a famous amusement park that is open for visitors from May through October. However, the Wildwater Kingdom is open from May through early September. Over the years, Park has increased its frequency of visitors, and thus it had to increase the number of public operating dates as well. This led to a rise in the sales of Dorney Park tickets as more people got opportunities to experience the park. You can also avail of offers and discounts on Dorney Park tickets on its official website during the festive and holiday season.

Must-Know Things Before You Visit Park & Wildwater Kingdom

If you are planning to book your cheap flights to Dorney Park, then there are certain things you must know.

  • Parking Facilities: When it comes to parking facilities, Park has enough of them. The parking facility charges around USD 18 for the daily parking of one vehicle throughout the season at the regular parking area. On the other hand, for disabled parking, individuals need to keep all the hazard lights on. They also have to carry state-issued disability permits and have to park their vehicle to the right side of the main gate.
  • Disability Friendly: The park is disability friendly, and a special boarding pass program lets visitors enjoy the Autism Spectrum Disorder rides. However, guests who have braces and casts are not allowed to ride. Besides that, sign assistive listening and sign interpretation facilities are available for visitors with hearing disabilities. Rental wheelchairs are also available.

Tips / Things To Do In Dorney Park

  1. Do not go for any ride with prosthetics unless you can ensure that those do not come off from your attached body part.
  2. There are three park passes that are available: Season Pass, Pre-K Pass and Platinum pass. Each pass offers different elements; thus, choose accordingly.
  3. Single-day tickets are most costly when compared to holiday bundle tickets and group tickets, so it’s better to plan your visit with a group for affordable Dorney park tickets.
  4. When it comes to eating, try to eat at the park restaurants during the odd hours as waiting times can be long during peak hours. Also, consider purchasing a pass that includes a dining plan or some meal deal.
  5. Make a list of rides that you will go for first. Especially try to cover the popular rides first because they have long queues for entry.
Things To Know For Park

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is one perfect place to spend your entire day with friends or family. No matter what your age is, this theme park is loved by all ages. The best part, it hosts dozens of rides and attractions throughout the year to keep its visitors completely indulged and entertained. These reasons are all enough to book your cheap flights to Dorney Park. On top of that, Superfares can help you get discounts on air tickets and travel deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The distance between Allentown and Dorney Park is 5.5 miles which will hardly take 12 minutes to cover through the Hamilton Blvd road.

A: The Dorney Park hours timings are as follows. It opens at 11:00 AM in the morning and closes at 11:00 PM in the night.

A: The last working month for Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is before the fall season of September.

A: Dorney park is the best amusement park in Philadelphia. It is located in Allentown, PA, United States of America.

A: Superfares can help you get cheap flights to Dorney Park by offering you amazing deals and discounts on flight tickets and travel deals.

A: The best hotels near Dorney Park are Holiday Inn, Howard Johnsson, IHG Hotel and Wind Creek Bethlehem Resort.

A: Your admission ticket will include all Dorney park rides except a few ones, live shows, Wildwater kingdom water park and planet snoopy.


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