Popular Destinations for Easter Weekend Getaways in US

Easter Weekend Getaway

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As explained in the New Testament of the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus is broadly the basis upon which Christian faiths are built in the present day. Consequently, Easter is an exceptionally valued day in the Christian Year. The term “Easter” arises from Eostre, or Eostrae, which symbolizes the ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility in the pagan era. Thus, Easter is connected with the early pre-Christian traditions; one such is the tradition of Easter eggs. Each of us has numerous memories of Easter from our childhood, and being an adult makes us nostalgic whenever we see easter eggs. We love to share this joyful festival with our family and friends. 

Easter adds an extra color of sanctitude and gratitude to spring. It instills gratitude for the sacrifice done by Jesus Christ to atone for our sins and adds sanctitude when we are rejoicing his resurrection by celebrating Easter. Since Easter is coming soon, Have you made any plans for the Easter weekend getaways? Don’t fret; Superfares has got you covered! We know that making plans for Easter isn’t an easy choice. With so many options around us, it isn’t easy to select one. So Superfares has compiled a list of places that are popular for Easter weekend getaways.

If you are a fan of chocolates, then Hershey, the chocolate capital of the United States, is the place for you to celebrate this Easter. You can hardly resist the aroma of cocoa beans produced by the local Hershey factories; while visiting the town. You can book your vacation at the posh Hotel Hershey and the classy Hershey Lodge. Hershey’s Chocolate World in the city provides a unique combination of aesthetics and vibrancy to the Easter festivities. You must indulge in its exquisite activities such as FREE Chocolate Tour Ride, 4D Chocolate Mystery Show, and Hershey Trolley Tour.

Hershey's Chocolate World Easter Weekend

The Easter weekend in NYC observes the annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival at Fifth Avenue. This tradition started back in the late nineteenth century when women would come to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in their finest clothes to participate in the Easter festivities. Today, This cultural and religious assertion has been morphed into a spectacle of the fashion extravaganza. You can perceive the joy of the people by looking at the street shining like a rainbow with colorful easter bonnets parading from 49th to 57th Streets. The region around St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the perfect place to observe all the celebrations.

Easter Weekend festivities of NY

Just like the famous song “Thunderstruck” of AC/DC, you will be awestruck by the grandeur of Disney World at Easter in Orlando. This Magical wonderland provides a comprehensive experience, Be it Easter parades, Artwork, egg crusades, and one-on-one interaction with Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny. The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival provides an Egg-stravaganza egg quest for all. This quest involves exploring large Easter eggs decorated with Disney personas hidden everywhere across the World. Both youngsters and grown-ups are blown away by the elegance of the Easter Egg Resort’s Ostentation.

Wonderstruck at Walt Disney World Easter Weekend

It is a dream for every family to celebrate the Easter festivities at the white house’s annual egg roll tradition. This custom was started by President Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the United States, on the south lawn, which was typically used for private parties at that time. Now, This event has become a mega-event with millions of applicants across the World. The tickets for this event are so much in demand that they are allotted via a lottery. Apart from the egg rolling games, storytelling, and live music, some children get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the President and the first lady.

If you want to experience the Easter celebrations amongst a large community of easter observers, Chicago is the perfect destination for you. The Great Chicago Egg Hunt conducted at Maggie Daley Park features a quest comprising more than 30,000 eggs. Apart from the egg hunt, you can also experience the traditional Easter delicacies at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s branch. This craving diffusion station includes edibles like Roast Turkey, Applewood Smoked Bacon, White Wine Italian Vinaigrette salad, Rainbow Rotini, and much more.

Easter Weekend communion in Chicago

Apart from the places mentioned earlier, you can also visit other cities to enjoy your Easter weekend, such as Los Angeles to observe animal blessing traditions or New Orleans to witness the Historic French Quarter Easter Parade. Ready to move but can’t find cheap Easter flights? Superfares have got your back. You can easily grab the best discount offers by connecting with our customer support team via call or drop a message; we’ll love to help you. 


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