Things To Do In Long Beach (California,CA)

Best Things To Do In Long Beach California

Posted on 18th Oct, 2021 by Superfares , Updated 7 months ago

Long Beach, California, offers visitors the best of both worlds. With a beautiful seaside setting and eclectic nightlife, Long Beach city is a true paradise anyone can ever visit. Lately, Long Beach is finally getting the recognition it deserves from travelers. Let us walk you through the Things To Do in Long Beach CA.

No doubt why it is one of the most amazing cities in the United States. It is home to almost half a million people. It is indeed one city that boasts a unique culture and colorful vibes of its own. The sunkissed coastal city has a myriad of adventures that entice every traveler to make it their vacation destination.

35 Best Things To Do In Long beach California For A Memorable Vacation

Long Beach harbor offers countless tourist attractions, myriad of shops, and restaurants serving the most scrumptious food. Name a thing and Long Beach city will present it to you. With gorgeous gardens, romantic gondola rides, and great events, Long Beach is one city that is worth visiting if you ever get the chance. Before booking your flights to Long beach, you must know places to visit at long beach California.

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Here are some amazing and fun things to do in Long Beach:

1. Explore The Ship RMS Queen Mary

When in Long Beach, California, you should not miss out on visiting the famous RMS Queen Mary ship. From its transatlantic voyage in 1936 to its final docking in Long Beach in 1967, RMS Queen Mary has won people’s hearts worldwide. It is an old ship that now acts as a museum, hotel, and prime tourist attraction. The ship is now permanently moored in Long Beach and attracts thousands of tourists.

Explore The Ship RMS Queen Mary

The ship has various restaurants and bars and also boasts a unique interior décor. Apart from taking tours around the cruise ship, you can also enjoy a stay in its luxury hotel.

2. Enjoy Gondola Rides Along Naples Island Canals

Beautifully surrounded by scenic canals, cute houses, and picturesque streets, Naples Island is one of the most delightful locations in Long Beach. This place is famous amongst tourists for its peaceful gondola rides along with the canal areas. In the mid-district area, you will also find a beautiful La Bella Fontana Park.

Naples Island Canals near Long beach California

The park boasts a beautiful three-tiered fountain show. You can even try the exquisite delicacies at the various Long Beach restaurants in Naples Island.

3. Visit The Aquarium Of Pacific, Long beach California

Out of all the best thing to do in Long Beach, the most loved activity of kids and families is a visit to the Aquarium of The Pacific. This world-class museum offers many interactive exhibits and is the perfect place for all types of travelers. The Aquarium of the Pacific celebrates the vast beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

things to do in Long Beach

The museum features more than 500 species and 11,000 animals of the ocean. Some must-see exhibits inside the museum are Shark Lagoon, Keyes Penguin Habitat, and Pacific vision. Explore the real underwater realms and help the aquarium volunteers create a new planet right here on Earth.

4. Explore The Famous Shoreline Village

A visit to Long Beach, California, would be incomplete if you do not visit its entertainment district, Shoreline Village long beach. It is a perfect place to enjoy shopping, indulging in entertainment districts, and dining at the famous Shoreline Village restaurants.

Explore The Famous Shoreline Village

Situated serenely along the beautiful harbor,  Shoreline village is a perfect place for all the romantic couples out there. Savor the mouth-drooling seafood with great scenic vistas of the harbor right in front of you.

5. Attend A Live Performance

Whether you are a music lover or someone who is interested in theatre, there’s always some kind of event or show on the cards in Long Beach. All the artist venues in Long Beach like Long Beach Opera, Long Beach Symphony, and Music Angelica offer jam-packed performance sessions. The best part about this city is that the Long Beach community supports its artists through various donations. Many nightlife venues like Live After 5, Sevilla Nightclub also organize great live music nights.

6. Witness The Amazing Artwork

The stunning Long Beach, California city never fails to amuse its visitors and offer them new adventures in every nook of the city. Long Beach respects its artists and their work and you can witness it in the various museums of Long Beach. The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) is the only institution in the US that features a gorgeous and beautiful 15,000 sq-fit sculpture garden. All the sculptures are designed by different artists and have their own stories. Another great museum art lover can visit Long Beach Museum of Art. It houses a great collection of historic Anderson houses and offers a great waterfront view of the ocean.

7. Stroll & Shop Your Hearts Out

While there are so many best Thing to do in Long Beach but nothing beats the feeling of amazing retail therapy. From your favorite outlet bargains, boutique shops to vintage stores, Long Beach fulfills the dream of every shopper. Start with the downtown area and then make your way to the Pike outlets, where you will find everything you need. If you are into some vintage discoveries, then head to Retro Row on 4th Street. After completing your shopping spree, head to the nearby Long Beach restaurants for some delicious food and drinks.

8. Take A Sunset Cruise

Long Beach weather makes the scenic city even more mesmerizing. This brings us to one of the most appealing and alluring experiences of Sunset cruise. The cruise service is available around Long Beach’s rainbow harbor and departs almost an hour before the sun goes down.

Long beach California Sunset View

If you want to witness the true beauty of Long Beach city, then do experience the Sunset cruise and also see the various interesting sites along the way. While enjoying the ride, you can also enjoy your choice of drinks and food that adds splendidness to this cruise experience.

9. Watch numerous dogs playing at Rosie’s Dog Beach.

If you are looking for some fun places to visit in long beach California then here’s a lovely place waiting to be explored. Long Beach city has a special place for our four-pawed family members. The famous and loving Rosies Dog Beach is a dedicated section of the beach where dogs can play around freely without their lease. You will find numerous things to enjoy there with your furry pet. This beach experience is a must if you love dogs. We can call it a place that is completely ruled by numerous cute little dogs.

10. Ride Water Bikes On The Bay, Long beach California

If you are someone who was waiting for a crazy adventurous experience to try in Long Beach, then here it is. Stop by the Marina, and you will find numerous water bikes standing right along the beachside. The water bikes are powered by human peddling efforts. So while riding, you peddle your own way around Alamitos Bay. While riding the water bike, you will spot great glimpses of Bayside homes, paddle surfers, and beachcombers. Even if you are not a big fan of thrill rides, there are also numerous activities available at the bayside.

Ride Water Bikes On The Bay

11. Check out the great master art pieces at the Long Beach Museum of Art

Long Beach Museum of Art is one ideal place for all the art lovers out there where you can experience the city’s authentic culture. Here you can get glimpses of incredible artwork from famous and local artists.

great master art pieces, best things to do in long beach California

Besides that, you will also get many thought-provoking works at this museum. It is one of the most enticing locations to visit in Long Beach, and there’s always some event going on at the museum, which is open to all visitors.

12. Visit The Long Beach City’s Downtown area

One of the most fun things to do in Long Beach is exploring the city’s downtown area. Here you will experience the best nightlife, great outdoor attractions, and lots more things.

fun things to do in Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach teems with great things to enjoy suitable to every type of interest. Whatever thing you decide to indulge in, it promises you the best time of your lives.

13. Plan a picnic in Bluff Park, Long beach California

There’s no bluff when we say that Bluff Park is one of the most outstanding park locations in Long Beach. It is a pretty simple park dotted with palm trees, lush green grass, and ocean views that add to the beauty.

Plan a picnic in Bluff Park

The military earlier used the park during World War II. However, now it is a place for visitors to picnic with families and friends along with scenic views of the sea.

14. Take a whale-watching cruise.

A whale-watching cruise is one of the most famous expeditions you can enjoy in Long Beach, California. Each long beach whale watching cruise with harbor breeze is conducted by knowledgeable captains and lets you experience marine life in unique ways.

 long beach whale watching cruise with harbor breeze

Individuals who love to experience one-of-a-kind experiences should definitely go for whale watching tours and spot the spectacular sea mammals.

15. Stroll Around Shoreline Village

One of the best ways to experience Long Beach is by enjoying a walk around the shoreline village. This scenic village lets visitors discover numerous waterfront long beach restaurants and souvenir shops that add to your strolling experience.

Stroll Around Shoreline Village

The village also encompasses great green outdoor spaces like parks, gardens, fishing lakes, bike trails, and picnic shelters. Don’t forget to enjoy taking gondola rides on the waterfront areas.

16. Learn some surfing lessons

 Surfing is one of the most fun things to do when you are in Long Beach, California. However, not everybody is a professional surfer, but you can learn here. This beach city boasts numerous surfing classes where you can learn surfing to get acquainted with waves. Apart from that, you can also participate in different surfing competitions if you are confident enough to indulge in them. Lookup for some surfing lessons and make your vacation

17. Visit The Museum of Latin American Art of Long beach California

All the contributions from the Latin community are rightfully recognized at the famous Museum of Latin American Art. It is one of the top places to visit in Long Beach and is quite famous amongst history and art lovers.

You can learn about different figures present in the Latin American art scene and many of their inspired works at this museum. The Museum of Latin American Art is a colorful and exciting museum that offers numerous things to enjoy.

18. Take a Boat Trip To Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a famous tourist location in Long Beach that is just a quick and short drive from Long Beach. The island flaunts glorious history alongside its rocky shores. It is entitled William Wrigley Junio and is a popular spot for Hollywood movie shoots.

Take a Boat Trip To Catalina Island

The island boasts posh island views and hosts various events, film festivals, concerts, and marathons. It is a perfect time for things to do in long beach this weekend getaway.

19. Discover The Buzz At Belmont Shore

Belmont Shore is one location in the city that teems with numerous fun thing to do in Long Beach. The neighborhood gives you a vibe that dates back to the 1930 Spanish-style era with a myriad of salons, shops, and restaurants. Besides that, this shoreside location offers perfect conditions to enjoy kite-surfing and sailing. It is also known for The Belmont Shore Car Show that is held in September. If you book your flights to Long Beach during this month, then do attend this event.  

20. Gulp yourself in the views of Lighthouse Park, Long beach California

The great Long Beach weather adds to the beautiful panoramic views visitors enjoy from different locations. The scenic Lighthouse Park lets you experience Long Beach island views in gorgeous ways. Also known as Barnegat Lighthouse, it opens daily for a few hours.

 Lighthouse Park Long beach California

If you are not up for a 217 step hike, then you can also enjoy the views from the live camera images streaming at the Interpretive Center.

21. Tour the Rancho Los Cerritos Museum. 

Another top place to visit in Long Beach, California, is the Los Cerritos Ranch House. This house is recognized as a museum; this house shows how both Spanish and Mexican culture impacted the ranches in the late 19th century. The building dates back to 1844, which acts as a great spot for learning a part of American history you might not have been aware of. The museum houses aged items, legal documents, clothes, and many other important things. A must-visit place for history lovers.

22. Party all night on Pine Avenue

Pine Avenue is one party all night kinda place in Long Beach that offers visitors numerous opportunities to enjoy their day to the fullest. Whether you wish to indulge in some retail therapy or want to party at night in the various nightclubs, Pine Avenue has it all. This rich neighborhood also has many historical attractions, restaurants, and shopping outlets where you can spend your day.

23. Stop By The Walter Pyramid

The Walter Pyramid is one of the most famous attractions that boasts a 5,000 seat indoor arena. The site totally looks like a true pyramid and is a nationally recognized landmark in Long Beach.

Whether you wish to admire the pyramid architecture or cheer your favorite team with the locals, stop by this iconic landmark.

24. Browse for crafts in the East Village Arts District. 

The Arts District of Long Beach is quite famous amongst artists. The east village is a unique and dynamic place to shop and appreciate the artwork. Take a break from the hustle-bustle of city life and wander through the quirky streets of East Village Arts District that lures the artist in all of us. With an eclectic mix of shops, art galleries, and restaurants, this art district is a dream destination for all art lovers.

25. Attend The Long Beach Bayou Festival

Long Beach California, is a city that flaunts different traditions and cultures, out of which one big hit festival it celebrates every ear Bayou Festival. Long Beach Bayou Festival is celebrated during the weekend in June. The festival shows off locals’ love for New Orleans and Louisiana Bayou Country through different cultural music, cuisine, and dance. It is a great event that offers numerous fun places to visit in long beach California. From free things to do in long beach like free arts & crafts, face painting, reptile shows, dance lessons, and music performances to food stalls. This festival is a complete entertainment package no one should miss.

26. Relax at the lush green Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

 Visiting and relaxing at the lush green Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is another best thing to do in Long Beach. If you are looking to spend some time to yourself, this place offers a perfect environment.

green Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is another best thing to do in Long Beach

These are the main points of interest for individuals who are curious about Japanese culture. You can learn about gardens at this Japanese garden and the tranquility of things like pagodas and koi ponds.

27. Hike around the El Dorado Park Nature Center 

Looking for a secluded attraction? If yes, then El Dorado Park Nature Center is your place. This attraction is perfect for all adventure enthusiasts, where you can enjoy hiking around the secluded and tranquil parts of the center. The natural space gives visitors the solitude and privacy they desire. A true nature admirer will love this place a bit too much. Here you can enjoy a stroll in the woods, spot different types of indigenous trees and flowers, and so much more.

28. Go on a treasure hunt at the Antique Market. 

Long Beach Antique Market is a famous flea market that both tourists and locals love. It opens every third Sunday of the month and really gives you a feel of a treasure hunt. Many bargain shoppers arrive as early as they can, so they browse through the amazing range of goods and eco-friendly articles at reasonable ranges.

Long Beach Antique Market is a famous flea market that both tourists and locals love

If you want to head on a shopping spree to take some unique souvenirs back, then Antique market is the place for you.

29. Appreciate the architecture at the cute Bembridge House

Excited to witness some ancient architecture? Then Bembridge House is the place you should visit in Long Beach. It is a Queen Anne Victorian House that is owned and operated by Long Beach Heritage. This house consists of 18 royal rooms.

It is a famous landmark that has various historical resources and architecture that deserves all appreciation. Many tour operators organize heritage walks to Bembridge House.

30. Watch Street racing At Toyota Grand Prix

The Toyota Grand Prix is organized every year in April. It is an open-wheel race that is held on the streets of Long Beach. One of the largest events in the city that hosts almost upto 200,000 people. Many Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, and other celebrities also get into the race of celebrities with other professional racing car drivers.

Watch Street racing At Toyota Grand Prix Long beach California

Many of the visitors attend the three-day event for speeding race car action, and some attend as a social event.

31. Enjoy A Round Of Golf At El Dorado Park

The Long Beach weather is perfect all around the year, which makes golf a popular sport to enjoy here in this city. El Dorado Park is a famous and favorite golf course location that is also home to the Long Beach Open. The golf course in El Dorado Park is a perfect place to enjoy a round of golf with friends. So whether you wish to hit the driving range of the park or play around, golfing in Long Beach is an experience none should miss.

32. Go For A Family Day Out With Kids at Mother’s Beach

There is no better place than Mother’s beach in Long Beach when it comes to beach outings. The water conditions are not rough and are perfect, especially things to do in long beach with kids. This lifeguarded beach always tops the chart when it comes to safety. You can indulge in a picnic in the grassy areas, or you can play around In the playgrounds or volleyball courts located nearby.

33. See The Carnival At The Pike at Rainbow Harbor

The Pike at Rainbow Harbor is certainly one of the best places to visit in Long Beach. The boardwalk of the harbor routes is lined with many long beach restaurants, shopping outlets, and nightlife venues. In short, it has enough places to indulge in a night completely filled with entertainment.

The Carnival At The Pike at Rainbow Harbor

Today it serves as a nightly family fun place where families head to enjoy various arcade games and prizes. Don’t forget to ride on The Pike’s Giant Wheel and enjoy the scenic views of the Port of Long Beach from the peak.

34. Watch A Show At Richard & Karen Performing Arts Center

In Richard & Karen, Performing Arts Center boasts various events dedicated to films, music, theatre, and dance. It is also known as Carpenter Performing Arts Center and is quite famous amongst artists who admire performing art and culture of different forms. A perfect place to spend your time while watching talented artists showcase their performances.

35. Feel Refreshed & Relax At Bixby Park

Bixby Park is one great free attraction that families and friends can visit. It, of course, has a dedicated playground for children and boasts other picnic amenities for a complete joyful day. Besides that, there are also sports events organized in the park premises that attract visitors from all around the city. Bixby Park is one perfect spot to enjoy a fun day out with family any day of the week.

Bixby Park of Long beach California

With that said, Long Beach is not a city that fits into the interest of one single person. This city offers something for everyone. Whether you want to dine by the ocean or want to indulge in the city’s atmosphere, you can achieve it all in Long Beach, California. So, now you might have started planning your Long Beach getaway. In that case, Superfares can help you get cheap flights to Long Beach easily. Grab the chance and witness the beauty of Long Beach yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Long Beach is a beautiful city that is located in the United States of California. It is within the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

A: The Long Beach, California weather varies between 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The city enjoys a moderately warm climate most of the days.

A: There are lots of things to do in long beach California. The first thing you should do is to go sightseeing. Major attractions of Long Beach are the Downtown Waterfront, Aquarium of The Pacific, The Queen Mary, and El Dorado East Regional Park.

A: Start your research for cheap flights to Long Beach a month early. Compare different deals and then choose the one which is the most economical one. You can also avail of great flight deals for Long Beach from Superfares.

A: There are different Long Beach, California, zip codes for every designated area. You should check the zip code of the area you are planning to visit.

A: Long Beach hosts regular events and performances at various locations. You can enjoy watching great talents performing at the Long Beach Opera House and Long Beach Symphony. You can even listen to the bands at The Federal Bar and Sevilla Nightclub.

A: You can easily book your cheap flights to Long Beach with Superfares. You can avail of great deals and discounts with us.


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