Top 10 Tips to Save on Spring Break Flights

Top 10 Tips to Save on Spring Break Flights

Posted on 14th Apr, 2021 by Superfares , Updated 1 year ago

Springtime is the best time to wander across the world. It’s time to rejuvenate ourselves from the hectic work schedules and catch a spring flight to your favorite destination with the coming of breaks. Think about the warm beach coasts, music concerts of your famous musician, spending your day inside an architectural marvel of the past, or a memorable voyage on a cruise ship across the ocean. Spring break brings the golden days of exhilaration each year, so don’t miss this opportunity. Start planning your travel itinerary with us and take the first step towards making your holidays from good to great.

But here comes the anticlimax; you are tight on the wallet and light on your pack of cash. Such customers may be a significant turnoff for many Air ticket booking agencies. Yet, we see it as a new customer assisting opportunity. At Superfares, we aspire to be the best customer service company in the entire aviation industry. Just like an aviator drives an airplane, customer satisfaction is the driving force for us at Superfares. We have some exciting deals for each particular niche of air travelers. Furthermore, To enhance your savings in these holidays, we have come up with an exhaustive list of Top 10 Tips to Save on all your Flights this Spring Break.

Let’s dive into these pearls of wisdom to protect your pocket!

  1. Choose The Date-less Traveled: With the upcoming spring breaks, many people are on their toes to grab flight tickets before it starts. This causes the prices to skyrocket long before the actual start of the spring break. So a pro-tip could be to buy the tickets for a date in the middle of spring break to avoid demand pushed surcharge on the flights. Since most of the masses book flights for the starting week of spring break, it is imperative to use common sense and choose a date of the week less traveled.
  1. Be Assured Against Travel Anxiety By Staying Insured: Traveling without insurance is similar to coming to town on a turnip truck. Insurance is a mandatory requirement for the VISA application process in many countries, such as Schengen VISA for European Union countries. Therefore, if you plan to travel abroad, it’s not a question of why you have insurance. There are many insurance options available to mitigate various risks associated with your travel. Some common travel insurances include medical travel insurance, international travel insurance, single and multi-trip travel insurance. By getting Trip Cancellation Insurance, your money invested upon the trip is secured against a rainy day. 
  1. Be Crafty With Airline Branded Cards: Top airlines have partnered with credit card companies to issue airline-branded cards that provide services such as vouchers, off on in-flight purchases, access to a luxurious lounge, bonus points, miles, or cash back on travel. Many card users don’t know about the companion voucher benefit that is available on selective credit cards. It is the “buy one get one free” equivalent in the air carrier industry. You can, For instance, The British Airways travelers who are American Express® Premium Plus Cardmembers can get one companion voucher each year if they exceed the minimum credit threshold criteria.
  1. Bundle Up Your Vacation In A Package : When you travel to unfamiliar places, it is a good idea to book a travel package instead of handling all the nitty-gritty of your holiday trip on your own. Holiday packages are not just limited to air tickets plus lodging facilities but also cover fixed itinerary, food, entertainment, sightseeing, rentals, etc. However, make sure you crunch the numbers on the package deals to choose the best package that aligns with your travel schedule and meets your holiday requirements.
  1. Stay Light On Your Feet: Traveling is a delight when your feet are light; by trimming down all the unnecessary items from your backpack, you can save a lot of money on baggage fees. Spring break is the perfect time to jump on your swimsuits and travel to exotic beaches. So you would hardly require many clothes in your backpack, and it will allow you to take advantage of the low-cost air carriers. Since these airlines provide tickets at the lowest airfare yet are despised for charging hefty baggage fees.
  1. Understand The Law Of The Land: While traveling abroad, you must get some basic information about the regulations concerning the activities you want to perform in that particular country. For example: if you are an American who wants to drive in a foreign country, you must check if your American driving license is actually valid, or you would require an international driving license. You can avoid hefty fines and penalties by knowing and abiding by your destination laws, including those for driving, consuming alcoholic beverages, and noise.
  1. Stop Procrastinating On Your Ticket Booking: While We understand that finding good flight deals is time-consuming, However, you can’t delay the booking of your flight until the very last minute. Last minute flights are usually expensive across the aviation industry, so don’t push your luck. It is always advisable to buy the flight tickets at least three months in advance to avoid price hikes at the last minute. If you are still unsatisfied with the flight deals available elsewhere, connect with Superfares to get instant bookings of Cheap flights to your desired destination.
  1. Air Miles; Gotta Catch Them All: If you are enrolled in the Air miles or frequent flyer program of an airline, then you must strive to develop the habit of buying your day-to-day necessities via their partnered online stores. By purchasing from such online retail stores, you gain air miles on your spent money which can be ultimately used to book flights at cheaper fare or even get a free air ticket. The airlines build these air miles to promote customer loyalty and provide exclusive price deals to their recurring customers. You can also use Miles to purchase merchandise from their website.
  1. Castaway From The Slumberland: If you can give away your cozy nap and choose a low air traffic timeline, you will get better deals on the same airlines for your desired destination. Usually, flights at such odd hours are popularly known as red-eye flights. By choosing to fly on Red Eye flights, you can avoid the rush hour traffic, get a swift check-in and save money on hotel accommodation for dark hours. By taking advantage of Red Eye flight, you can also save on in-flight entertainment.
  1. Consider The Airfare Comprehensively: While searching for the cheapest flight tickets, try to be more diligent. It would be best if you were cautious of some flight adage such as round trip tickets are always cheaper than one-way flights because airfare prices are constantly changing. So check both one-way and round trip fares thoroughly before booking the tickets. Also, compare neighboring cities to your destination to check if there is any significant discrepancy among their flight prices. After analyzing all the factors intricately, book flights in bulk in case you want to travel with your friends and family. 

That’s the gist of our advice to shield your savings this Spring.

We would recommend you follow through with all the above tips and save a ton of money during this holiday season. If you don’t have the time or the headspace to go through extensive research on airfares, we get it. Why not let us deal with all the fare analysis? Our dedicated team has poured hundreds of hours into researching across multiple airlines to pick the gems from the ever-growing pile of deals present in the industry.

At Superfares, we don’t charge any hidden fees while providing the cheapest tickets to our savvy customers. Being transparent makes us earn the trust of our customers, which is more significant than earning a few extra bucks. We aspire to be the greatest customer-centric company in the Air travel industry by providing bumper savings to our customers at 0% risks. We would love to help you out in getting the best deals for Spring Break Flights. You can contact our dedicated customer support staff via chat/call to get the cheapest airfares now!


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