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Independence day flight deals

Posted on 8th Jun, 2021 by Superfares , Updated 7 months ago

Independence Day is considered to be the most celebrated American festival throughout the year. You can hear The Star-Spangled Banner in schools across the US. The 4th of July’s celebration commemorates the event of July 2, 1776, when the continental congress voted to declare independence from the British Monarchy. Since the declaration was adopted by the colonial delegates on 4th July, we celebrate the birth of the American nation on this day. This day has been a constant reminder of the struggles that the Americans endured prevailing against imperialists. On Independence Day, we also commemorate the ideas of freedom, equality of all men, rights of citizens, liberty, and much more that were thoughtfully penned down by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. The Independence of the US became an inspiration for other colonies across the American continent to stand up against the injustice from European powers.

Independence Day

Independence Day brings with it the opportunity to commemorate the devoted military personnel of the US armed forces. We also get to cherish the memories of the brave people who gave their lives for the protection of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty of the United States of America. It is a special day when we can witness the aura of patriotism floating across the country with Washington DC at its center. We would recommend you to attend the National Independence Day Parade which begins at 11:45 am in DC and makes its way down Constitution Ave. Apart from the grand celebrations of DC, this day is associated with family reunions, family outings, carnivals, parades, and roadshows ornate with the American flags across the States. If you are looking to travel on Independence day chances are that the airfares could get expensive due to huge air traffic. Therefore, Superfares has brought you some tips to find the International flights for Independence day weekend.

1. Fly On The Route Less Traveled: Due to high air traffic, the flight tickets for popular routes such as Atlanta to Orlando, Newark to Orlando, Denver to Phoenix. So it would be wise to avoid these routes and look for flights that fly on less-traveled routes. The flight tickets of these routes can be 5-10% cheaper as compared to the high air traffic routes.

2. Don’t Procrastinate Just Click The Buy Button: Well you can’t defer your plans for eternity, you have to take action to fulfill your plans this Independence Day weekend. As soon as you have decided to go somewhere, hop on your Desk and start browsing for cheap deals on flights to your desired destination. This headstart will help you avoid paying inflated prices, last-minute fines, and booking errors.

3. Avoid Add Ons On Your Ticket: If you want to avoid any unnecessary charges on your flight tickets, make sure to double-check before paying for your tickets. Many times, travel agencies put an Add-on service on your plane tickets such as extra luggage allowance, airport lounges, seat reservation, and travel insurances. These services provide convenience but at the same time adds extra cost as well. So, if you want to fly cheaply, avoid the Add Ons altogether.

4. Keep An Open Eye For Error Fares: If you haven’t heard this term chances are you are about to receive the information about the holy grail of air tickets. Sometimes due to human mistakes or wrong currency conversion, flight tickets of a particular route become available at 40 to 50% discounted price. These error fares are not uncommon and you just need to have a watchful eye to get them.

5. Fly Using Nofrills Airlines: Basically, no-frills airlines or budget airlines provide economical flight deals by eliminating all the non-essential services provided by other airlines as per air industry standards. By booking on budget airlines, you can trade comfort for cash which doesn’t seem to be a bad deal considering you save your money and reach your destination at the same time as any other passenger belonging to another flying class.

6. Stalk Airlines On Social Media To Stay Updated: It’s not just people who post on social media, airlines do it too. Today, all major air carriers have a social media account where they post about their latest policies, deals, and discount updates. So, do follow your favorite airlines on social media to stay notified of any upcoming special offers on flights for weekends, festivals, and national holidays such as Independence Day. So bring your stalking skills to good use and grab cheap deals from social media.

7. Book Your Tickets In Advance: Since many people are searching for exclusive deals, you can’t expect those deals to last at the last minute. As a general rule of thumb, book your tickets at least 7-8 weeks in advance to gain access to the best deals for your desired destination. According to our research, you can save up to 25% of your money on flight ticket expenses if you book your tickets 6 weeks before your air travel date. So book your Independence Day Flights in advance.

8. Give Shot To Red-eye flights: For those who haven’t heard of it, a red eye flight is a term that is used interchangeably with overnight flights. Since night timings have low air traffic, you can expect to get better deals on night flights as compared to their daytime counterparts. Additionally, night flights tend to be less turbulent due to the absence of afternoon heating which is the primary cause of atmospheric disturbances. So you can cover the majority of your flight hours in a relaxed sleep while saving some bucks on your flight tickets.

9. Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!: Consciously subscribe to your favorite airlines’ newsletters. By subscribing to the newsletters of multiple airlines, you will get weekly updates on all the price offers that are happening in the aviation industry. You will get to know about the festival offers, refund policies, average prices, and much more from these newsletters. You will also get multiple options for traveling to your desired destination. With so many options you can pick and choose the one which suits your budgetary constraints and optimizes your inflight service gains.


10. Sign Up Frequent Flyer Programs: If you are a regular air traveler chances are that you are already a part of the FFP loyalty programs of some of the airlines. However, if you aren’t a part of it, you must sign up for it right away. You can’t fathom the amount of savings that you are missing just because of not being part of the Frequent Flyer program or Air Miles program. You can use the points earned from such programs to buy and upgrade your air tickets which can save you quite some money. 

These were all the basic tips!

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If you have some additional thoughts or ideas related to tips for getting cheap flights, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear about your experiences and it helps us to develop a better understanding of your needs and requirements during air travel.


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