Top 7 Military Towns In The United States

Military Towns In The United States

Posted on 14th May, 2021 by Superfares , Updated 6 months ago

Too-too-too-too-toooooom! Waking up to the sound of a military trumpet isn’t available for all. Only those families who have given their lives for the country’s protection get to experience the life of the military. When it comes to understanding the lives of such families, we irrevocably come across military towns. Military towns are just like any other civilian municipality. So you may ask what makes them different? Well, for one, these towns are situated near a military installation. Furthermore, these towns have a high percentage of military personnel residents and heavily depend upon the military body for economic incentives.

Contrary to prevailing dogma, every military town isn’t shaped around seedy second-hand car dealerships, tattoo salons, payday lenders, and commissaries to buy discounted food. Many towns are full of life and bursting with joyful commotion with food joints, gyms, throbbing nightspots, and vistas of America’s mesmerizing landscapes. So these gated communities are still the hotspots of authentic Americana communities, which provide round-the-clock security to their residents. No wonder so many service members and their families dream of becoming a part of such towns in the US. If you want to settle in such cities or fly in to explore military towns using Military discount flights, we have got you covered. Superfares has formulated the list of the top 7 military towns across the United States

Honolulu, Hawaii 

Honolulu, Hawaii

Well, who doesn’t want to live in a place where everyone dreams of spending vacation? Hawaii is an apt example for those people who belittle the amenities of military towns. With about 6 million tourists annually, this is one of the most visited military sites in the USA. With more than 11 historic military installments, it also stations the U.S. Pacific Fleet, which happens to be the largest naval command in the world. 

Visit the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park to understand the working of “silent service,” or go to the US Army Museum of Hawaii to explore the history of warfare in Hawaii. Additionally, you can walk through the numerous aircraft hangars in the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Don’t forget to pay your respects to the victims of the pearl harbor attack (1941) at the USS Arizona Memorial, which rests over the sunken battleship.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado spring is a central military town in the southern rocky mountains. It has both army and airforce military installations such as Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, and the United States Air Force Academy, NORAD. The 17-spire Cadet Chapel at NORAD is a tubular steel structure made up of 24 m long identical tetrahedrons. This chapel is the center of attraction of this town and a quintessential modern architecture. For Aviation enthusiasts, the National Museum of WWII Aviation features 28 fully restored flying aircraft along with more than 3,000 artifacts and archival records.

 Colorado Springs lies at the west of Pikes Peak amidst the Pike national forest and includes a prime spot for spending quality time with your family at the garden of gods. It is the perfect place for adventure sports such as ballooning, ATVing, paragliding, ice/rock climbing, river rafting, and much more. Due to the presence of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee along with 18+ National Olympic Governing Bodies, Colorado springs is considered the mecca for athletes. 

San Diego, California

USS midway museum San Diego, California

With more than 40,000 military personnel, San Diego is a pivotal military town in the southern tip of California at the US-Mexico border. The downtown area of San Diego is home to the Pacific fleet in the US navy, with more than 45 ships stationed in this city alone. This city deploys about a third of the US Marines and has the largest commissary worldwide ( NAVSTA Commissary) to meet the daily requirements of the military personnel. It boosts its military prestige by using a retired aircraft carrier, “USS Midway,” as a museum. 

This waterfront museum is anchored on the city’s harbor displaying more than 30 restored aircraft and helicopters spanning decades of aviation technology from the 1942 Battle of Midway, the 1950’s Korean wars, two-decades-long Vietnam Wars to today’s tactical aircraft. You can buy combo packages for other points of interest such as speedboat adventure, harbor cruise, seal tours, and zoo trips via the USS Midway website. Apart from this, San Diego also presents the widest variety of beer in the country, with more than 100 variants of beer in breweries concentrating around the Barrio Logan.

Washington DC

Washington DC

When it comes to military towns, Washington DC’s name doesn’t usually come up in people’s minds. However, when we closely look at the people living in DC, it is irrevocably a part of our list. The white house and the naval observatory residing the two most influential humans in the USA ( POTUS and VPOTUS) make this city the quintessential military town( ahem, besides being the national capital).

 Furthermore, you can visit numerous sites in the Washington memorial grounds, such as memorials of Washington, Lincoln, Native Americans, the Korean war, the Vietnamese war, world war 2, etc. It also contains the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, where the famous film night at the museum’s sequel was shot. 

Apart from the recreation and historically delightful grounds, you must also pay respects at the Arlington National Cemetery located in the south of lincoln memorial at the western bank of the Potomac River. This is the largest cemetery of military personnel in the country, which is the resting place for brave souls since the civil war. Besides the cemetery lies the pentagon, which acts as the brain for the five US military forces under the department of defense.

Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola, Florida

Does your heart skip a beat whenever you see the fighter jets roaring through the sky? Are you fascinated by the precision and agility showcased by them? If yes, then you have to visit Pensacola, popularly called “the cradle of naval aviation.” Home to the US’s naval flight demonstration squadron, “Blue Angels,” you can get an exclusive chance to see them in action on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings during spring practice sessions. 

This place is the epicenter for training aviators for all military personnel outside the Air force, such as the Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard. Those who want to glance at the marvel of US aircraft technology drive straight in the direction of the F-14 tomcat showcased in front of the National Naval Aviation Museum. This place warrants an entire day to assimilate the 50+ vintage aircraft and inculcate USS Nimitz’s grandeur. If you are among the lucky 40 ticket winners, you can see the Blue Angels atop the museum.

West Point, New York

United-States-Military-Academy West Point, New York

At the banks of the Hudson River lies the oldest continuous military post of the US army in West point. West Point has the paramount The United States Military Academy, which breeds the immortal values of Duty, Honor, Country in its cadets. While strolling through its lawns, You can also explore the oldest collection of military artifacts at West Point Museum. This academy was established by the third president, Thomas Jefferson, in 1802 in norman-styled architecture. 

However, this place has much more historical value than being the oldest of the five American service academies. As famously remarked by the first president, “the most important Post in America.” West Point fortifications played a significant role in cutting off the supply line of the British during the revolutionary war. This isolated region offers vistas to the wonders of nature in the neighboring 7000 acre Hudson Highlands State Park and 2000 acres Schunnemunk Mountain State Park. You can go on a leisure walk near the tiny hamlet named “Garrison” to explore the architecture of pre-independence settlements. 

Louisville, Kentucky


What do the boxer Muhammad Ali, fried chicken giant KFC, James bond’s movie Goldfinger, and King Lous XVI of France have in common? Guess what? They all have a connection with Louisville. Besides this, did you know Louisville has been a significant center for aiding the efforts of the confederate army during the American revolutionary war? Hence, the name Louisville in honor of King Louis XVI of France. 

Today, this city is the home of the US Army Armor Center and trains the cadets in the arts of mobile warfare using mechanized vehicles such as tanks, fighting vehicles, and mobile gun systems. Fort Knox, popularly known as the US Bullion Depository, holds a 50% share of the country’s gold reserves, constituting more than 4000 tons of gold in its fortified and heavily guarded vault. Naturally, it’s not open to the public; however, you can take a glimpse of the replica of this vault ( used in the James bond movie Goldfinger) in the General George Patton Museum.

Let’s stop hovering and start heading towards these towns. 

After reading through the blog, you must be eager to pack up and leave for these historic military towns. You aren’t alone with this exuberant patriotic zeal. Most of these towns experience high tourist inflow levels, and it can become a costly excursion. For defense personnel, finding military discounts isn’t as easy as before and can take a lot of your time and effort to avail of such benefits. 

Superfares understands your needs, and it takes into account all the variables to help you find the right fit for you. To get a seamless ticket booking experience with lucrative discount offers, connect with our guides via call at your leisure. You will be surprised when we book a flight that suits your requirements at the lowest price in a matter of minutes. So don’t let your patriotism lie dormant within your heart, travel to these towns and inculcate your patriotic zeal on to your children. Prompt the continuous channel of American nationalistic ideas onto the next generation, Now!

If you have any more interesting military towns in your mind, please let us know in the comment section below!


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