Top 8 Things That We Have Learned To Enhance Our Lives Post Lockdown

Things to do after Lockdown

Posted on 5th May, 2021 by Superfares , Updated 7 months ago

Are you fed up with the restrictions imposed by the lockdown? Has your social circle been reduced to the singularity of your phone? We are all in this adversity together. COVID-19 pandemic has been a very stressful period for all of us. We humans who once pranced around the concrete jungle are now caged in our beautifully designed houses, turning our neighborhoods into civilized zoos. We don’t know how long these days will go on, yet one thing is sure: Nature has brought us down from our high horse. We have understood that planning concerns only our minds. So, We can’t fit the flow of nature into the linear growth models formulated by economists. This has prompted each of us to contemplate the life we took for granted before the lockdown.

We miss our relatives, friends, and families with whom each day became a highlight in itself. Besides reflection, you would also like to make the most of your time once the lockdown ends. So why not start planning for it right now! Whether you want to go abroad or travel in your country via domestic flights, you need to make up your mind and plan. After giving it much thought, Superfares has some suggestions for the things you must do post-lockdown. Let’s look at the top 8 incredible things to do after lockdown has ended.

1. Eating Out With Friends And Family: This may startle some of you as eating out has been vehemently prohibited by the government during the lockdown. The Pre-pandemic daily ritual of eating out needs to be instilled in our routine. You can’t miss out on the premium feel you used to get from dining at luxury restaurants. Despite the sophistication of restaurants, you can’t miss out on the delight of eating with your buddies at a famous street stall. The small shops specializing in local delicacies can make the extravagance of 5-star restaurants feel like beating around the bush. This will also help support small businesses and traditional shops to cover their lost revenue and recover from the pandemic’s heavy losses.

Eating out with friends

2. Revamp Your Bucket List: While a whole year of our lives has been wasted due to this pandemic, waiting is not an option. Since you never know how much time you have left on this planet, it’s high time to start pursuing your goals irrespective of the circumstances around you. As Robert Burns rightly said, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” So you might want to tweak a few things to accommodate your dreams on the bucket list amidst the uncertainties of life. For instance, if you want to feel weightless and skydiving is unavailable in your holiday destination, you need to be flexible and try other activities such as Zip-lining, Hang Gliding that are up for grabs.

3. Escapade Into The Wild: Last year, our encounter with the wild was limited from city zoo exhibitions to the national geographic programs on our television. Ironically, the pandemic has brought us closer to understanding the rotten hand dealt by animals in city Zoo’s since we suffered the same fate as them by living inside the captivity of our sanitized homes. It would be best to realize that the cities and towns do not constitute the entire canvas of human life. Thus, It is imperative to explore the wonders of the wild. Venture out in the wild to imbibe the time-lapsed magnificence created by thousands of years of artistry created by the True master. Visit the national park, wildlife sanctuaries or go on a solo trek across the footsteps of mountains to recover from the deficiency of vitamin ‘G’(Green).

4. Think On Your Feet: One skill that we can all take from the lockdown experience is that we need to be decisive when it comes to living our life. Planning is best kept at bay when events happen so swiftly that you are at your wits’ end. When it comes to enjoying the moments of our life, we need to learn the art of finding the good in the bad. This implies that you need to be an eternal optimist and scoop up every bit of pleasure you can in a given situation. For instance, you went to a beach, and it started raining, then you need to savor the moment by thinking on your feet; since most travelers seek cover indoors, you can take a walk or dance amidst the drizzle along the crowd-free beach. You can also take a self-guided food tour in the eateries beside the beach and wait for the rain to drizzle away.

Think On Your Feet

5. Draw Out Social Life From The Pile Of Pixels: The lockdown days have shown us how disdainful social media is when it comes to socializing with friends. When you think of it, social media is a means of reaching a point of physical contact with a new acquaintance and not the all-encompassing end of socializing. Although zoom calls and video chats have glued us virtually with our friend circle, we couldn’t extract the level of intimacy we require to grow as a social group from the blue screens of our devices. We did get some time with a few close ones at home; however, the social sapien lying dormant within us needs a lot more than that! So, reduce your social media and double down on meeting people in person because no one knows what the future holds.

6. Travel Like There’s No Tomorrow:Come to think of it, Global traveling has been reduced to going out to our nearest grocery store and indulging in evening strolls to nearby parks. You can’t be serious about reducing travel to this. You can’t devoid yourself from the basic human tendency of exploration. You need to rekindle your damped enthusiasm for travel and start packing right now! Yes, I’m serious. How long are you planning to stay in your pajamas? Your wardrobe is begging you to check out the fancy dresses and stylish clothing you used to flaunt in your past trips. So, don’t let your fears restrain your inner explorer, and start traveling!

7. Stop Ostracizing People Who Cough:Remember the good old days when coughing (needless to say, while covering your mouth) was not a big deal? When a sneeze was exchanged with kind words like bless you. Nowadays, most people won’t even sit next to such a person, much less talk to them. Whenever we would hear the sound of “ahem” or even “hack, our minds will instantaneously flash the word “CORONA” in our heads and become terrified. Well, now the pandemic is no more. We have an ample amount of vaccinations available in our nearest public hospitals; furthermore, most people have been vaccinated, so there is no need to be paranoid about it. It is high time that we stop this cruel practice of ostracizing people who cough by labeling them “corona spreaders.”

8. Formulate Your Financials And Your Cash Flows: While this might not come as a surprise since all of us have suffered different degrees of financial crunch during the lockdown. We can’t emphasize it enough. It would help if you started planning your finances by targeting your efforts in learning the steps of wealth creation. Start investing in health insurance, learn about tax rebates, create emergency funds and analyze interest rates to make intelligent lending/borrowing decisions. You also need to understand the concept of cash flows to master the art of building assets. We know, getting used to the financial jargon can be daunting. However, this knowledge will help you to retain financial stability amidst any future uncertainties.

Financials And Cash Flows

After reading through all the suggestions above, we hope you have gained some valuable insights to help you bounce back after lockdown. If you are inspired to put the first step towards traveling and are looking forward to searching for cheap flight tickets online, connect with us. At Superfares, you can find tickets to any destination around the globe. 

We aim to provide world-class services and seamless flight bookings in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is give us a call; our team handles the rest. We believe in breeding transparency and clarity throughout our company to build a culture of reliability for our customers. With fast transaction speed and secure monetary exchange, you can book your flight tickets at the comfort of your home. To connect with us, call 1-585-534-8844.

What things are you planning to do after the lockdown is finished? We’ll love to know; please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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