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what is the meaning of mile high club

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Mile High Club Meaning

Did you ever consider joining mile high club? But you were quite skeptical because you are not well aware of the exact mile high club meaning. Most of the beginners are completely unaware of this subject, so let us tell you. If you have never flown before, you might not realize that the Mile high club actually refers to those who have sex while on a plane. So there are many speculations in one’s mind. In order to bust out all these doubts, we are here with everything you need to know about the mile high club, meaning what the rules are for it and everything you need to know.

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What Is Mile High Club?

Even if you never consider a romantic trip or an experience like that in-flight, the idea of a high mile club would have surely crossed your mind once. Even the people who say getting it on the bathroom of a plane is not their type have thought once about getting to know about the Mile high club.  So the actual mile high club meaning is “two people or individuals engaging in sexual activity in an airplane when it’s at an altitude of 5280 ft”. As this happens a mile high above the earth, it is termed as the Mile High club. 

Becoming a member of the mile-high club is a dream for many travelers who wish to take their love to new heights. Some people even prefer doing this just for the sake of saying that they have done it before in their friend’s group. However, to be considered for the same, you and your partner must wait for your adventure until the plane is at least 1 mile above the ground, or else it won’t be counted.

According to a survey from Saucy Dates, which was conducted amongst 11,179 individuals.  It was revealed that five percent of the respondents have already joined the Mile High Club. And the rest 78%, are interested in joining it. But before you jump right into having sex on an airplane, you must know that it also has consequences. The Mile High Club might sound tempting and exclusive, but some federal agencies find its actionable conduct.If you are curious enough, then first book your flights at Superfares. Then read on further to know other things about the Mile High Club.

what is real meaning of mile high club

What Things You Should Know About The Mile High Club

  • First Class Cabin Are Opportunity: If you are sitting in a first-class cabin or business class cabin, there are chances you might have more opportunities to get yourself into the mile-high club. You not only get bathrooms, but the seating areas are big enough to make love. Some seats of business class or first class cabins even lie flat. Many airlines like Etihad, Air New Zealand, and Singapore Airlines have suite-like cabin areas where passengers can enjoy an opportunity to join mile-high clubs. In fact, some airlines even had to tell passengers to stop having sex with them.
  • Double Decker Way: If you are flying on a double-decker plane or A380, then you might have hit the jackpot. That’s because this new fleet of aircraft has bigger lavatory rooms which are more spacious. This may attract all the wannabe members of the mile-high club.
  • Leading The Night: All the overnight international flights or the red-eye flights are some of the most popular flights that are counted amongst mile-high members, and of course, we know the obvious reasons behind that. As the cabin lights are dimmed, most of the passengers are asleep with their pillows and markets. This allows the lovey-dovey couples to enjoy sex with the least possibility of getting caught.
  • Many People Don’t Regard The Rules: Many famous Hollywood actors had claimed that they were members of this club even before when people actually didn’t know what’s the mile-high club was. Although this is not a good example to the younger fans, they have been quite open about it. While we expect more beautiful behavior from famous people, this comes as a surprise. It also comes as a shocker that even the crew sometimes does it with passengers.
  • Maintain The Privacy: If you are flying in an economy class, it would be better if you didn’t try it all. Unless you are on a red eye flight as the lights are dimmer during that time. You can think about it if you have booked a fully enclosed suite, then you might be able to do it. In addition to this, be mindful of the noises you make because you might not be seen in action but can be heard quite well.
  • Crew Knows All About It: Even if we don’t mention this point, it is clear that the crew knows all about it because even the crew does it. However, you might not realize that the flight attendants also know when the passengers are trying to get it on. This might be due to their experience and the fact it is quite impossible to be discreet, especially when you are a passenger. In fact, the crew of the aircraft or airline are more aware of the easy areas of the plane than you do. Therefore it is easier for them to find a private space to enjoy all the action.

There’s A Legal Way To Do It

If you are curious about having sex at a high altitude but are worried about breaking the law, then let us tell you that there is a legal way to do it. In the United States, a few airlines have specially equipped planes for passengers who want to experience the mile-high club feeling.

legal why to do mile high club

Although the fares are quite high. It’s worth it if you want to enjoy some action and romance without the fear of getting arrested. Most of these last-minute flight deals are available in Las Vegas and can be booked both night and morning. The higher your prices, the more amenities you will enjoy, and the more privacy you get. Many airlines like Cincinnati, Flamingo Air, Las Vegas-based Love Cloud offer a legal way to experience the vibes of the mile-high club without any risks.

Things Travellers Already Know

  • The airline bathrooms or lavatory rooms are one of the most popular spots for mile-high club meetings. Even though the airline crew and commercial cleaners have the best intentions to keep it clean, they are quite filthy.
  • The bathrooms are very small. If we go by the measurements, the average size of the bathroom in a place is three by three-foot space. Besides that, it hardly has enough space to fit two people comfortably.
  • While bathrooms are the potential places for mile-high club meetings. As they seem private, you don’t know that they are not soundproof. So everything that happens might be a show outside with sound effects.
the mile high club meaning

  • Lavatory doors can be unlocked from outside, so if you are doing your business inside, then there are high chances if the lavatory gets checked, you might get caught. This is also one of the reasons why people joining high mile clubs in lavatory rooms get caught by the crew members.
  • There are serious legal consequences if you get caught doing it there. If you get caught while doing on the seat, then you will be nailed for indecent exposure. And if you get caught doing it in the bathroom, then you and your partner might be in handcuffs and then jail and sometimes felony charges as well.

 Step By Step Guide For Becoming A Member Of Mile High Club

Now, after knowing everything in detail about the Mile High Club, you still want to become a member of this most exclusive air travel club, then we are here with your answer. Here are five simple steps to joining the mile-high club:

  • Start In Your Seat: The time in a lavatory is going to be quite limited for you. So it’s better to make a little progress while sashing down the aisle. The main thing is to balance the discretion against the results. So cover over your lap with a blanket or sweater and get started. Keep your objectives clear and reasonable otherwise, and you will get caught even before you begin.
  • Wait For The Beverage Service: The beverage service usually comes quickly after the plane airs up and lights are turned off. So you won’t have to worry much about the things going on in your seat. As soon as the beverage cart passes through your seat, straightway head to the lavatory. You must be outside the door until they finish the serving. That’s because the flight attendants will be busy slinging coffee or water bottles to the other passengers.
the mile high club meaning

  • Begin With It: The first person who visits the lav should lock the door and wait for the second person. The person outside the door will then enter the lav after a minute only after the signal from the inside person.
  • Follow Your Instincts: You must follow your gut feeling or instincts. If you are skeptical about doing it, then don’t do it and if you are confident enough to do it, go for it for sure.
  • Exit Strategy: It is one of the most crucial things to focus on because this is actually when you are most likely to get caught. It is okay to look obvious to the rest of the cabin. However, one of you two should exit the lavatory naturally. So if you see someone, clutch down your stomach and dart back inside. Although it won’t be the proudest moment for you, it will surely buy you some time.


Mile High Club is surely one of the bucket wishes thing of many couples and travelers. So this was our guide to help you out to understand the mile high club meaning. But while you get excited to become a part of this club. Be mindful of all the things which we mentioned, from the situations to the legal consequences. Are you looking to book cheap flights? Here is step by step process to booking cheap flights by using Google Flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you are wondering what does mile high club mean. Then the answer is mile high club refers to an unofficial group which comprises of people, who have had sex in an airplane in transit.

A: If you have sex in-flight with your partner when the airplane is at least one mile above the ground then you are agreed upon to be a member of mile-high club.


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