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Waiting for your loved one who is traveling on a flight? Want to know about their journey and whereabouts so you can be better prepared to pick them up? No worries! We have a solution. With us, you can check the live Avelo flight status today with a quick search. It is undoubtedly a sigh of relief for a family member or friend to get timely updates on a flight as it assures everyone regarding the journey heading smoothly. 

The real-time flight status of Avelo Airlines (XP) de-stresses everyone as it allows a buffer time for your loved ones to reach the airport well in time to pick you up from there. You can check the Avelo Airlines flight status by filling up the flight number and the date. You can also check the flight status of other airlines by selecting a particular airline from the drop-down menu in the form given above. Additionally, our flight status tracker tool can help you track flights if you put in the flight number, route, or airport.

Avelo Airlines StatusCodePhoneE-MailAddress
WN(346) 616-9500support@aveloair.comAvelo Airlines, 155 Burr St. New Haven, CT 06512. (346) 616-9500.

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Avelo Flight Status

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