Can You Bring Deodorant On A Plane – 2023 Guide

can you take deodorant on a plane guide

Posted on 21st Dec, 2022 by Arjun Sharma , Updated 2 months ago

Among the most common queries that people have regarding what they can carry on a plane is about deodorants. So can you bring deodorant on a plane? If yes, can you bring full-size deodorant on a plane? We have answers to all these questions.

In a nutshell, there are no restrictions on the type of deodorant you can take with you, but there are protocols that you need to follow. Let’s understand what they are. 

TSA Guidelines For Carrying A Deodorant On A Airplane

Can you bring full size deodorant on a plane? Not sure? Well, here are some quick tips regarding what size deodorant can you take on a plane –

  • If the deodorant is solid, then you can take the deodorant as carry on.
  • If the deodorant is a liquid, TSA limit is under 100 ml. In this case, you can again take deodorant in carry on.
  • You can carry a solid, aerosol, or liquid deodorant in check-in bags.

So the next time the question “can you take deodorant on a plane” pops up in your head, you know the answer. 

What Is The TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule For Flying?

This rule started by America’s Transport Security Administration allows a passenger to carry only one quart-sized bag of liquids, gels, and aerosols in 100 ml containers. The 3 in the 3-1-1 rule means that you should carry the deodorant in a container with 3.4 ounces or less. 1 means that all the containers should be placed in one quart-sized plastic bag. The other 1 means that there should be only one plastic bag with a passenger.

Can I Carry Stick Deodorant On Plane?

Yes, you can carry stick deodorants in your carry-on as well as checked luggage. Furthermore, it is also permissible to carry items like cream, roll-on deodorants and pastes on a plane. But the limit should not exceed 100 ml or 3.4 ounces. 

How Big Of Deodorant Can I Bring On A Plane?

How Big Of Deodorant Can I Bring On A Plane?

Any size deodorant is allowed on a plane that meets the criteria of TSA guidelines in a carry-on bag. While there are no restrictions on carrying a solid stick deodorant, the deodorant size of a liquid in a carry-on should be equal to or less than 3.4 fl oz (100 ml). This same liquid rule applies to aerosol deodorants. For bigger sizes, you will have to carry them in your checked baggage. 

What Is The Best Way To Pack A Deodorant?

It depends a lot on what type of deodorant you have with you. If it is a stick deodorant, then you can keep it in your checked luggage or in your carry-on as well. But if it is a liquid deodorant then it must be stored in a properly sealed container with more than 3 ounces as its weight. You are allowed to carry a liquid deodorant container in a carry-on if it is less than 3.4 ounces in weight.

Is A Prescription Required To Bring Deodorant? 

You need to carry your medical prescription along with you if your deodorant size is larger than 3.4 ounces. There should be a piece of original medical information imprinted on it so that the TSA authorities can verify it easily. That is how you can take medically recommended deodorant on plane. You also need to store that deodorant in your checked luggage rather than in a carry-on. 

What Is The Best Way To Pack A Deodorant

We hope after reading this, you have the answers to all your questions such as whether can you bring deodorant on a plane in 2023 or not. If you were waiting to book your flight because of a confusion surrounding this question, then we think we have sorted most of it for you. Now, you can book one without any worries related to the question “Is deodorant allowed on planes”. Pack according to the TSA guidelines and your journey will be a breeze. 

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