Do You Need A Passport To Go To Mexico In 2023?

Do You Need A Passport To Go To Mexico

Posted on 2nd Feb, 2023 by Arjun Sharma , Updated 2 months ago

Is your passport causing you an itch while making a to-do list of all the requirements while traveling to Mexico? If yes, you will be battling with some questions in mind like “Do you need a passport to go to Mexico” in 2023? We can understand your concern as a passport is a general requirement for international travel because it is a major source of a passenger’s identity. Even though passports are a must when you are traveling to Mexico, there is a lot of nitty-gritty to be taken care of. 

Let’s dive a little deeper and understand if you need a visa to go to Mexico, the required minimum validity for a passport, the places you can explore without a passport, entry requirements for coming to Mexico, and likewise. 

Can You Travel To Mexico Without A Passport?

No, travel enthusiasts can’t travel to Mexico without a passport. Even if you are a US citizen, you will have to show your valid passport and various other credentials for visiting Mexico in 2023. Alongside a passport, you also need a Forma Migratoria Multiple Travel Document, also called an FMM.

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FMM is a travel permit that provides you access to travel to Mexico. It is issued by Instituto Nacional De Migracion. Whosoever is traveling to Mexico has to show the passport to the concerned border control authorities. An immigration officer will put a stamp on it after you arrive in Mexico.  

How To Get The Forma Migratoria Multiple Travel Document Or FMM?

How To Get The Forma Migratoria Multiple Travel Document Or FMM?

  • If you are planning to go to Mexico from the Southern border or from the Northern border as a US citizen, then you are eligible for getting an FMM.
  • You don’t need a Mexican Visa if you have this travel document with you. If you are planning to go to Mexico to reside there for a short period of time such as six months or as a permanent resident, then other documents are also a must for you to present.
  • You must carry the FMM before entering Mexico. This document is mandatory for everyone to carry whether you are arriving on a flight, in a car, or by a ship. 
  • In case you forget to bring FMM, then you will have to face serious penalties by the administration and there are chances that you might be deported as well.
  • If you are boarding a flight to Mexico, then you will have to fill out a form which will be provided to you on the flight itself by the respective airline or reaching the arrival airport.
  • Planning for a car drive to Mexico? Alright then, you can get the travel permit at the border or you can apply for it online also before departing for your journey. There are no separate processing fees for it, as the prices are already included in the tickets.

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Do I Need To Apply For An Import Permit For Mexico If I’m Travelling Via Car?  

  • Yes, you need to have an import permit to travel to Mexico via car. The permit can be obtained through the Mexican Government Authority via online or offline mode by visiting the Mexican Embassy in the US. It is considered as an essential prerequisite. 
  • Along with this, you also need a valid US passport which is a majorly essential document to confirm your identity.
  • The vehicle’s proof of registration is required to know about the authenticity of the vehicle. 
  • A letter of permission from the vehicle lender in case you are bringing a financed car. 
  • Valid and proper insurance is a must for driving in Mexico.
  • The Mexican government asks for a deposit mostly from major credit cards, to obtain a temporary vehicle permit. This deposit is returned when the vehicle re-enters the United States. Permit fees are also necessary and cannot be refunded.
Do I Need To Apply For An Import Permit For Mexico If I’m Travelling Via Car? 

Why Is A Passport Important For Travelling To Mexico?

Wondering what documents do you need to travel to Mexico by air? For traveling to Mexico, you basically need a valid passport, as verified by the Mexican authorities, granting permission to remain for six months in Mexico. The Multiple Migratory Form, which is available at the airline’s entry must be provided by each individual before they are permitted to enter Mexico’s borders.

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MMF can also be downloaded from the internet and filled out to represent the need to visit Mexico and the documents that must be displayed at the entry point. It’s all there to help you get a permit to visit Mexico, which could be for tourism, business, school, or work. 

Can A US Citizen Fly Within Mexico Without A Passport?

No, you cannot fly to Mexico without a valid passport with you. You also need a boarding pass to travel within Mexico via air. Some form of ID proof and residence proof is necessary to board the plane. If you have a minor with you, then their birth certificates are considered mandatory. 

Are Passports Necessary For Kids To Fly To Mexico?

Are Passports Necessary For Kids To Fly To Mexico?

Yes, passports are necessary for everyone who is planning to fly to Mexico, whether they are kids, adults, or senior citizens. For any kind of international travel, passports are a big yes. 

Popular Flight Routes To Mexico

Some popular flights to Mexico are as follows:-

  • Chicago to Guadalajara:- Planning to move out of Chicago for a trip? No problem, the Chicago to Guadalajara flight is the best option for you. 
  • Los Angeles to Guadalajara:- Staying in Los Angeles and wanting to visit Mexico at least once? Guadalajara is a nice place to visit and enjoy. Besides, Los Angeles to Guadalajara flights is very popular.
  • Phoenix to Guadalajara:- Want to go South from Phoenix? What’s better than visiting a great place like Guadalajara in Mexico? Book Phoenix to Guadalajara flights at ease with us.
  • Seattle to Guadalajara:- Another popular route is Seattle to Guadalajara. Book Seattle to Guadalajara flights in advance and roam here with ease.
  • Houston to Guadalajara:- Reserve a cheap flight deal for yourself with us and enjoy Tequila and mariachi music by booking Houston to Guadalajara flights
  • Houston to Monterrey:- Travel to the industrial center of Mexico and see the rising business sector. Book cheap Houston to Monterrey flights in advance.
  • Dallas to Guadalajara:- Want to see the Guadalajara International film festival in Mexico? Don’t miss out & book cheap Dallas to Guadalajara flights with ease.
  • Dallas to Monterrey:- Living in Dallas and wanting to visit the city of Monterrey in Mexico? Reserve Dallas to Monterrey flights in advance.
  • Denver to Guadalajara:- Have a visit to some great museums and galleries of Mexico by reserving Denver to Guadalajara flights.
  • Las Vegas to Guadalajara:- Want to witness the stunning architecture of this place? Book cheap Las Vegas to Guadalajara flights today.
  • San Jose to Guadalajara:- Looking to explore the nightlife of Guadalajara by coming from San Jose? No worries, San Jose to Guadalajara flights can be booked with ease. 
  • Denver to Chihuahua:- Have you seen deserts, forests, and mountains all in one place? Chihuahua is a place where you can see the great beauty of nature. Book cheap Denver to Chihuahua flights with ease.

How To Visit Mexico With No Visa?

Yes, you can visit Mexico if you don’t have a visa. A passport will still be mandatory. Some eligibility conditions that you must fulfill before traveling to Mexico are as follows –

  • Your visiting purpose should be completely business, studies, or tourism oriented. 
  • The duration of stay should not be more than 180 days.
  • There should be no remuneration provided to individuals residing in Mexico.
What Documents Are Required To Fly To Mexico?

What Documents Are Required To Fly To Mexico?

Are you one of those who are planning to travel to Mexico and are stuck with the question – Do I need a passport to fly to Mexico? then you need a few documents. Requirements to travel to Mexico are as follows:-

  • You have to present an ID that signifies that you are permitted to carry your US passport to Mexico or show a passport card or a SENTRI Card.
  • If you have children under the age of 16, then there is no need to carry a passport if you are traveling to Mexico by road or by sea. Minors have to show back their birth certificates once they come back to the US. 
  • A passport card is similar to a passport as well but it is not very expensive. It includes your name, photo, nationality, place, date of birth, date of issue, and expiry as well as a unique number assigned to you.
  • To make the border crossing easier for yourself when you are coming back to the US, you should present a SENTRI Card which is a pre-approved card for those who are considered low-risk passengers entering the US.
  • You also need a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy because your US or Canadian driving insurance is not valid there.

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Things To Consider While Travelling To Mexico

  • Water Quality:- Tap water is not suitable in many parts of Mexico. Although you should be aware that many restaurants and hotels serve tap water unless bottled water is specifically requested, bottled water and beverages are safe. Be aware that tap water can be used to make ice for drinks.
  • Watersports and Resort Areas:- Strong currents, rip tides, and erratic waves can make beaches in Mexico dangerous. Beach warning signs and flags ought to be taken seriously. There are no clear signs at all dangerous beaches. In the event that dark or red admonition banners are up, don’t enter the water. Even the most skilled swimmers can be put in danger by strong currents. Do not swim alone or consume alcohol while participating in water sports.
  • Excursions:- Boats may not be covered by accident insurance and occasionally lack sufficient life jackets, radios, and repair tools. Accident insurance may not cover adventure sports, and the safety precautions and regulations for these activities may differ from those in the United States.
  • Huge And Enormous Country:- You will need a solid plan if you are planning to go to Mexico because it’s a big country. You need to know where you are going and what areas you will cover because it is not possible to cover it all in one short trip. This is the 14th largest country in the world in terms of area and you don’t want to plan a lot of sightseeing in a short period of time because it’s just not worth it. That is because Mexico is a beautiful country with a rich cultural background which takes some time to soak in. 
  • Proper Knowledge Of Transport Facilities:- As a good traveler, you should have a decent knowledge of all the modes of transportation that are available in Mexico. Their timings, availability, and frequency must be kept in mind before heading toward your destination to ensure a hassle-free journey. There are around 50 airports in Mexico that provide regular flights. Some cheap domestic airlines are also available which will ease your journey. 
  • Usage of Language:- Spanish is the official language that is being spoken in Mexico. 90% of residents in Mexico speak Spanish only. If you are not traveling there to establish yourself and enjoy just a simple tourist visit, then it is all fine. You don’t need to look for a Spanish instructor for that. You can take the help of a Google translator for that. There are also good English speakers at this place. We recommend you learn some basic fundamentals of Spanish before traveling there as it will help you a lot.  

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Do You Need A Passport To Go To Mexico By Bus?

Yes, a passport is needed to travel from USA to Mexico if you have plans to stay and explore the place. However, a passport isn’t needed if you are departing from and arriving in the US without making a stop in Mexico. 

If you belong to some other place of origin and traveling to Mexico then some rules and regulations for you are as follows:-

  • A valid passport, enhanced driver’s license, or certificate of Indian status (the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website has more information on acceptable forms of identification).
  • Your ticket to return to the United States (or another location outside of Mexico) and the location of your Mexico accommodation.
  • You won’t be allowed to board the bus because you won’t be allowed entry at the border and will have to buy your own ticket back if you don’t have the right documents for your trip. Therefore, before you board, ensure that you have everything you require.
  • All passengers must exit the bus when it reaches the Mexican border and retrieve all of their belongings, including checked baggage. Immigration will inquire about your travel plans and may wish to inspect your baggage.
  • Travelers from Mexico to US by bus, need to follow these instructions:- A valid passport, enhanced driver’s license, or other WHTI-compliant ID (the complete list can be found on the website of the United States Customs and Border Protection).
  • A visa and a valid passport are required for Mexican citizens. Depending on the nation of citizenship, foreign nationals require a visa in addition to a valid passport, and a ticket for both ways. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: There are no passport validity conditions for traveling to Mexico. Even if your passport is valid for less than 6 months, you can travel to Mexico.

A: In a closed-loop cruise, you don’t need to have a valid US passport, because it operates within the territories of the US. You can use a state-issued ID card or original birth certificate for identity proof. It is recommended to carry a passport, so you can access the port towns. However, in a standard cruise, you need to have a valid US passport at all costs if you are visiting the ports around Mexico. It is because the territory does not come under US’s jurisdiction. Some cruise lines require a valid passport before starting the journey.

A: Yes, a passport is required for traveling to Cancun, Mexico. You cannot travel to Mexico or outside of Mexico without a valid passport.

Well, that’s all! 

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