How much is a passport?

how much is a passport

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What Is The Procedure To Apply For It?

Looking to apply for or renew your U.S. passport? Do you know how much is a US passport in 2023? Don’t fret at all! We are here to help you. You will get all the necessary information in this piece – a complete procedure for applying the same, passport renewal fees, processing time, and payment methods.  A passport is an extremely important document when it comes to traveling internationally or even domestically sometimes. And, keeping up with the cost of a passport can be a little daunting. We all know prices never stay the same, and it is no different for a passport. But, here you will get an ultimate guide that explains everything related to U.S. passports and clears all your doubts. So, skim through the piece now! 

How To Apply For A U.S. Passport?

To renew your passport or get a new one, you need to fill out all the relevant U.S. government forms and submit them at the passport office in person along with the below-mentioned documents.  

  • Bring a passport photo, or you can get it clicked in the office also for $10.
  • Bring any valid Government-Issued photo ID proof, as it is the basis for your identity and American citizenship. 
  • A certified copy of the birth certificate (issued by the city) is required for application. You can also carry a naturalization certificate or a certificate of citizenship.
  • Bring money for the passport. You can make payment via various modes such as a check money order, cash, or debit card.  

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Forms To Be Filled For U.S. Passport 

Forms To Be Filled For U.S. Passport 

The forms that you should fill out for applying for or renewing a U.S. passport are as follows:-

  • Application For A U.S. Passport:- If you are applying for the first time, or you are applying for your child who is under the age of 16, you need to fill out Form DS-11. You need to complete the form online by answering various questions. It will auto-generate the form based on your answers. Please take a printout of the same. 
  • Renewal Application For A US Passport:- You should complete Form DS-82 if you meet the requirements to renew your passport well within the stipulated time. You can either fill out the form online or take a printout of the same to fill it out by hand. If the children are under the age of 16, then they cannot renew their passports and must apply using form DS-11. 
  • Data Corrections, Name Changes, and Limited-Validity Passports:- You must fill out Form DS-5504 if you want to change or make some corrections to your passport. You can fill out the form online and take a printout of the same for submission. Or, if you can fill it out offline, you can take a printout of the form and fill it out by hand.

Forms To Be Filled For Special Situations 

  • Reporting a Lost or Stolen Passport:- If your passport has been stolen or lost, you should fill out the Lost and Stolen Passport Form to report online for stolen or lost passport. In addition to submitting (Form DS-64 ), you must apply in person and submit Form DS-11 for replacing a lost or stolen passport. 
  • Statement of Consent for Issuing a Passport to a Child:- If one parent or guardian is unable to accompany the child to apply for the child’s passport in person, you must fill out Form DS-3053. You should submit this form in addition to your child’s application (DS-11).
  • Statement of Special Family Circumstances:- If one parent or guardian is unable to locate the other parent, you must fill out Form DS-5525. You should submit this special form in addition to your child’s application (DS-11). 
  • Statement You Did Not Receive Your U.S. Passport:- If the process has been completed and the officials have mailed your passport, but somehow you did not receive it within 2 weeks of mailing it, then, submit Form DS-86. You can call National Passport Information Center and the concerned customer service representatives for further inquiries.

Documents Required For U.S. Passport Renewal

By filling out a by-mail renewal application at, you can avoid the execution fee of $35. Here is a list of documents required for renewing your U.S. passport:-

  • Bring and submit the most recent passport.
  • You must be at least 16 years old when the most recent US passport was issued to you.
  • Issuance of a recent passport should be less than 15 years ago.
  • The name on the previous passport must be the same. If it has been changed by marriage or court order, then submit proper documentation for the proof.

Note  – Please remember that passport services are provided by appointment only.

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Passport Renewal For Minors

Passport Renewal For Minors

All children under the age of 16 must come with both parents or legal guardians when applying for a passport in person. Each parent must bring a government-issued photo ID and the child’s original and certified birth certificate.

A notarized statement of authorization and a copy of their driver’s license (front and back) are required for one parent to accompany the child. Primary evidence of sole authority to apply may also be submitted by parents with sole custody. Minors between the ages of 16 and 17 must be accompanied by one parent who presents photo identification issued by the government.

How Much Is A US Passport?

Wanting to know how much is a US passport? There is a separate application fee for each and every type of passport category. The application rate list is as follows:-

  • If the applicant for a passport book is less than 16 years of age or older than that, then the application fee is $130.
  • Passport book applicants with age 15 or less than that, then they need to pay an application fee of $100. (If your application for a passport card shows that your age is 16 or higher than that, then the application fee of $30 will be charged to you.)
  • Passport card applicants under the age of 15 or equal to that, will have to pay $15 as application fees.
  • The application fee for expedited processing is $60. 
  • The application fee for an overnight return for an expedited passport is $19.53.

Payment For Passport Renewal Application

An application for a passport renewal requires two separate payments.

  • For making payments, you need a money order or a cheque. A significant amount of applications and the expedited fee will be paid to the United States Department of State. The fee is sent directly to the Department of State along with your application. 
  • For the processing fee and the passport photos taken in the passport office, they accept cash, checks, credit cards, money orders, and cash. The photo fee is $10, and the processing fee is $35.
Name Change Cost on Passport

How Much Does It Cost To Change Or Correct Name On A US Passport?

You need to submit the required documents for changing and correcting your name on your U.S. passports such as Form DS-5504, a recent US passport, an original or certified document for the name change (such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order), and one passport photo. No passport fees will be applicable to this process, except for an expedited service which costs $60.

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Passport Card – Meaning & Regulations

Meaning Of A Passport Card

The passport card was introduced in 2008 and it is made to meet the specific requirements of border communities in the north and south of the United States, where residents frequently cross the border by land. The passport card is a cheap source of personal ID proof which is a perfect substitute for a passport book or driver’s license. It is not accepted for international travel. It is valid for road travel to and from Mexico or Canada from the US. For more details, you can check our guide ‘do you need a passport to go to Mexico?’ here. 


  • When traveling from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda, the passport card will make it easier to enter the United States and speed up the processing of documents at land and sea ports of entry.
  • This passport card is not allowed for international air travel. But, it is still a great ID as the TSA accepts the passport card as an ID for domestic flights.  
  • If you are over 16, it will be valid for 10 years, and if you are under 16, it will be valid for up to 5 years only.

How To Track Status Of Your Passport Application?

You can check the status of your application online. The following information is required: 

  • You need to enter your name, date of birth (MM/DD/YY), and last four digits of Social Security Number Check Online. 
  • If you applied in person or by mail, go to the Online Passport Status System to see where your application stands. If you have applied online, check your MyTravelGov account.
  • After finding your pending application in the Online Passport Status System, enter your email address to receive automatic email updates on the status of your application.

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Processing Time For Passport Application

Processing Time For Passport Application

  • The routine processing for passport application takes 6 to 9 weeks of complete time. The expedited processing costs an extra $60 and it takes 3 to 5 weeks of time. 
  • The processing time does not include mailing times, because it varies across the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A passport book is valid ID proof for all forms of travel such as land, sea, and air whether domestic or international. A passport card is restricted to fewer countries only for international land & sea travel and domestic air travel.

A: A US passport card is valid for travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

A: No, you are not required to add your new address to your existing passport. However, if you wish to change your mailing address for a passport application that is currently being processed, please call 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY).

A: You can submit a new passport renewal application for changing the photograph on the passport.

A: Your passport will remain valid for ten years if you were 16 years old or elder when it was issued. Your passport is valid for five years if you were under the age of 16 when it was issued.

We hope you get all the answers to your questions regarding your U.S. passport with the help of this detailed guide. Have any further queries? No worries! Do let us know in the comments below or contact our team at +1-585-534-8844. Our agents will resolve all your queries at the earliest possible. 

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