Is Spirit Airlines Safe To Fly?

Is Spirit Airlines Safe?

Posted on 15th Jul, 2022 by Renu Dahiya , Updated 5 months ago

Wondering how safe is Spirit Airlines and searching for Is Spirit Airlines Safe To Fly? We can help. It’s true that Spirit Airlines is one of the most famous budget carriers in the U.S.A. However, many passengers don’t prefer this airline because they think that with cheap flight tickets, everything on the flight will also be cheap. But, that’s not true! There are various facts that will help answer your all questions about the safety of Spirit Airlines. Let’s know them together!

Negative Reviews Affecting The Reputation Of Spirit Airlines

There are a number of bad reviews from various passengers who used Spirit Airlines to travel. These reviews put a dent in the spirit airline’s reputation that it is not safe. Let’s take a look at some of the allegations against the airline. 

Extra Charges For Add-Ons

Many passengers get frustrated when they need to pay an extra amount for additional benefits like water, snacks, seat selection, extra legroom, and carry-on bags. Of course, these extra charges can make you irritated if you don’t go through the rules and guidelines well before and anticipate these charges. But, is it correct to say that Spirit Airlines is a dangerous airline to fly just because you don’t get some free additional benefits. 

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Turbulence On Flight Because Spirit Is Budget Airline – Really?

Some travelers don’t choose to fly with Spirit just because of the assumption that if the seats of the airline are cheap, then everything will be cheap on the plane and that means ‘unsafe’ to them. It’s true! Whenever anything happens wrong with a Spirit Airlines flight, people think it’s because the flights are cheap. Whether the plane hits turbulence or the flight gets delayed, Spirit gets the blame for being cheap. Do you also think so? No, right? Turbulence happened just because of the rough patches of air, it has nothing to do with the airline being cheap. 

Spirit Flight Gets Delayed

Various passengers think that Spirit is an unreliable airline. If they travel on a Spirit flight, then the flight will be delayed and they will lose their luggage for sure. But, let us tell you one fact, according to some sources, Spirit flights mostly arrive on time than some premium or popular airlines. And, it is normal that flights get delayed sometimes because of some unavoidable reasons, it happens with other airlines too. Spirit also has a good record of not losing or damaging luggage. As per the last year’s data, spirit lost less bags than United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines. 

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Safety Record Of Spirit Airlines

Safety Record Of Spirit Airlines

After reading these reviews (or blames), we can assume that anytime anything happens with Spirit flight, the blame is put on the fact that Spirit is cheap. And, because of the same fact, people think that Spirit Airlines is not safe to fly. But if you go by this, you will always have “No” as an answer for ‘is Spirit Airlines safe to fly’. That’s because the facts say something else. Whether you flying domestic, international or your child is flying alone, flying with Spirit is just as safe as flying with any other ‘big’ airline. 

There Has Never Been A Fatal Crash 

Spirit Airlines, being the most popular budget airline in the world, has an excellent safety record. The airline has never been involved in any major accident in its history. It was ranked as the second safest low-cost carrier globally by JACDEC in 2019 and in 2020. 

Spirit Uses Modern Fleets

Spirit Airlines uses one of the modern and youngest fleets. These new fleets are more reliable and safe than older ones. In 2022, Spirit Airlines started operating an all-Airbus fleet and is also about to receive more planes from Airbus by the end of 2027, according to the sources. Airbus is considered the safest airplane manufacturer in the world. 

Certified By The FAA

All the carriers in the U.S.A. need to meet the guidelines and standards set by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for safety concerns. As per the new report, Spirit is one of the few airlines in the U.S. that has met the safety standards laid out by the new FAA certification guidelines. It ensures that customers can feel confident and safe while flying with spirit. The airline has been working very hard to maintain safety standards for the past few years and this FAA certification is proof. 

Expert Staff

It is a fact that Spirit was never involved in any major crash or accident in its history. But, it does not mean that the airline never had any small incidents. The airline faced various incidents like emergency landings after the cabin lost pressure in 2016, in-flight engine shutdowns in 2017, and the cabin was filled with smoke in 2018. But, all these situations were handled very well by the expert staff of the airline and the plane landed safely on the ground. Incidents happen to every airline but in the end, what matters is how those situations are being handled by the airline. 

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Tips That Will Help You To Travel Hassle-Free With Spirit Airlines

  • Check the airlines’ rules and guidelines before flying to anticipate extra charges for add-ons. 
  • Know the check-in baggage allowance restrictions of the airline to avoid paying more on luggage. 
  • To prevent any kind of discomfort on flight wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Pack some necessary travel items for an enjoyable and smooth flight experience.
  • Try to avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine during the flight, they will dehydrate you. 
  • Always focus on the safety instructions given by flight attendants during the flight. 
Tips for travel hassle free with spirit airlines

Is Spirit Airlines Safe – Conclusion 

After all of these facts mentioned above, at last, we can say that Spirit Airlines is safe along with being cheap. If you are wondering from where Spirit earns its revenues if it offers low-cost flight tickets, then let us tell you that they increase their revenues by selling drinks and food on flights, charging for checked and carry-on bags, charging for extra leg room, and so on. Therefore, we suggest you check the policies and procedures of the airline to be aware of all the charges you might have to pay at the airport or on the flight. Hope to know you get the answer about Is Spirit Airlines Safe To Fly?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: According to and JACDEC, Spirit airlines is the second safest budget airline in the world which has a fleet of modern aircraft.

A: No, Spirit Airlines has never faced any major accident in its history.

A: Both the airlines are equally safe to fly. Both offer cheap flights, are certified by the FAA, and have never been fatal crashes. The major difference is Frontier is one of the worst airlines for flight cancellations and delays.

A: Yes, Spirit Airlines offers the cheapest air tickets as compared to other airlines. But, make sure you check the airlines policies before flying as the airline charges extra for additional perks like seat selection, extra leg room, food, etc.

A: Travelers flying with Spirit Airlines are allowed to carry one personal item on flights without any extra cost like small backpacks, laptop bags, small purses, etc.

Well, that’s all we have to tell you about Spirit Airlines’ safety. So the next time the question “Is Spirit Airline Safe” pops up, you’ll have an answer right away. Still, have doubts? Do let us know in the comment section below, our team, at Superfares, will help you with everything and answer all your queries. 

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