Jenni Rivera Death – Unfold Truth of Plane Crash

Jenni Rivera Death - Unfold Truth of Plane Crash

Posted on 14th Jan, 2022 by Malvika Varma , Updated 8 months ago

Jenni Rivera Plane Crash – Unfold Truth of Plane Crash

It’s been nine years since Jenni Rivera died in a tragic plane crash in California, but the sad memories are still fresh for her fans. The date December 9, 2012, is forever etched in the history of the Mexican music industry as this day led to the loss of a great banda singer, Jenni Rivera. The newspaper was flooded with headlines regarding the Jenni Rivera plane crash. Jenni Rivera’s death was reported due to an airplane crash that plunged 28,000 feet into a mountainous area of northern Mexico. 

The True Story of Jenni Rivera Plane Crash

Popularly known as ‘La Diva de la Banda,’ or The Diva of Banda Music, Jenni Rivera became the most successful female artist of all time in Banda music. Popstar of the Mexican regional genre, Banda, the songwriter, was returning home just after she had performed in a concert in Monterrey, in the state Nuevo Leon. The news of Jenni Rivera plane crash into a mountainside on December 9, 2012, led millions of fans to mourn the tragic death. Let us unfold the true story of Jenni Rivera plane crash.

True Story of Jenni Rivera Plane Crash
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Who was Jenni Rivera? Jenni Rivera’s journey to stardom..

Jenni Rivera became the most successful female banda singer in the male-dominated Mexican music industry. According to Billboard magazine, known for being bold, Rivera broke barriers and sold more than 15 million records. Jenni Rivera was born and raised in a Mexican-American family in Long Beach, California,. Jenni had five children: Chiquis, Mike, Jenicka, Johnny, and Jacqie. In 1992, Jenni recorded her first song. She then signed to Capitol/EMI, and in 1995, Jenni Rivera recorded her full-length debut, Chacalosa (Party Girl). After seven years of her death, the Banda singer made headlines as she became the first-ever regional Mexican music star who appeared on a billboard in Times Square. Her first posthumous single was “Aparentemente Bien,” or “Apparently Well”.

Jenni Rivera was not just a songwriter; she was an idol for many. She was the genre’s first female voice to express the issues faced by men and women. Many admired her strong opinion against domestic violence and her struggle being a single Hispanic mother in the United States. This American singer, spokesperson, and actress made a name in a male-dominated genre. 

Who was Jenni Rivera
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How did Jenni Rivera die? How old was Jenni Rivera when she died?

Born on July 2, 1969, Rivera was 43 when she died in a 2012 Mexico Learjet 25 crash and left behind five children and two grandchildren. According to the unaired interview of Jenni Rivera with Mexican radio personality Pepe Garza, she received multiple death threats by phone calls and emails before the plane crash took her life. 

An excerpt from the closing statement of that audio interview recorded on July 27, 2012, – “We don’t need more chaos in the world. … I believe in an almighty God who has carried me forward in many aspects of my life, and I trust that he’ll take me out of this, too.” 

How did Jenni Rivera die
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Even after years of her death, Jenni Rivera continues to be the leading singer in regional Mexican music.

What was the reason for the Jenni Rivera Plane Crash?

On December 9, 2012, Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra’s untimely death in a plane crash shook millions of fans. Reportedly there were no survivors of the tragic plane crash. The plane just took off from Monterrey, Mexico, just hours after Jenni performed her sold-out concert. Within minutes the business jet nosedived, which led to the devastating death of Jenni Rivera, Arturo Rivera Ruiz- her publicist, the pilots Miguel Pérez Soto and Alessandro Torres Álvarez, Jacob Yebale- the makeup artist and hairstylist Jorge Armando Sánchez. Unfortunately, this concert proved to be her last concert. 

The death of Mexican banda singer Jenni Rivera and six other people who accompanied her on the flight could have resulted from a series of factors. But the investigators have not provided any definitive cause of the plane crash. 

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The real story of Jenni Rivera’s Plane Crash

Jenni Rivera revealed in an interview that she got death threats before the fatal plane crash. And she got killed in a plane crash just five months later, which raises several questions. 

According to Mexico’s General Civil Aviation Administration, there could be a sudden loss of control due to a faulty horizontal stabilizer while the Learjet 25 was ascending. The investigation noted that the Starwood Management LLC aircraft was manufactured in 1969. Another highlighted point of the investigation of the tragic death of philanthropist Jenni Rivera was that the 78-year-old pilot Miguel Perez held a restricted license relating to the aircraft’s weight and area. Moreover, the 21-year-old co-pilot Alessandro Torres was not even licensed to fly outside the US.

The real story of Jenni Rivera Plane Crash
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Many such aviation mysteries raise questions in our minds. The truth behind the  Pan AM Flight 914 and Flight 828 has left many people baffled. Please read our blog to know more about them.

This top-grossing female artist in Mexico left behind a legacy as she believed in giving back to the community.

Jenni Rivera Legacies

  • Love Foundation – to help women and children that face domestic violence, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.
  • Jenni Vive – an annual fundraiser and tribute concert Love Foundation
  • Jenni’s Refuge – a women and children’s refuge center in Long Beach, California. 
  • Tequila La Gran Señora – Rivera began work on her own tequila and partnered with 3 Crowns Distributors

Jenni Rivera was at the peak of her career, and Jenni Rivera plane crash hit the world like a shockwave. The families of the deceased file several lawsuits. Jenni Rivera’s fans still feel the emptiness of the sudden death of the banda singer.

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