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Pan am flight 914 Real story

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PAN AM Flight 914

Aviation mysteries have been of great interest for many years. One such incident which grabbed the world’s attention is the mysterious case of Pan Am Flight 914. The case of missing flight 914 has driven lots of skeptics and historians crazy for many years. Even the people who believe in the concept of time travel also showed interest in Flight 914 Pan Am. While it was supposed to be a usual flight for every passenger boarded on that plane, it turned out to be the complete opposite. Let us unravel the curious case of Pan Am Flight 914.

Pan Am Flight 914 True story

What happened on PAN AM Flight 914?

The Pan American flight 914, Douglas DC-4, took off on July 2nd, 1955, in New York with 57 passengers and 4 crew members to Miami, Florida. It was a warm sunny day, and no problem with the aircraft was reported. The flight was supposed to land after 3 hours.

The disappearance of Flight 914

Although the scheduled flight was to arrive in Miami, but there was no sign of the plane approaching on the radars, and no distress signals were received. When air traffic control contacted New York tower, they reported the Pan Am Flight 914 was seen nowhere on the radar, and the plane disappeared in mid-air. Also, contact with the pilot could not be established. Flight 914 disappeared in thin air, and passengers were found nowhere.

Pan Am Flight 914

The investigation was immediately started, and the rescue team was deployed to find the lost plane. The only explanation for the disappearance was a plane crash. So, Coast Guards were deployed to search the Atlantic Ocean if a plane had crashed somewhere, but no clue of Flight 914 Pan Am or the passengers was found even after several days of extensive searching. 

The reappearance of PAN American Flight 914

On a fine day of September 9, 1992, Juan de la Corte, air traffic controller at Caracas, Venezuela, found a DC-4 Douglas aircraft that showed out of nowhere on the radar. He could not believe his eyes until his colleagues were able to spot the very old DC-4 McDonnell Douglas passenger airplane. According to the reports, there was a brief conversation between the pilot of the said plane and the air traffic controller. To everyone’s surprise, the pilot responded, “We are Pan Am Flight 914 heading from New York to Miami, Florida with a crew of 4 and 57 passengers on board”. What shocked even more was the other information provided by the pilot. The pilot informed Juan that the flight was scheduled to land at 9.55 am on July 2 1955. 

Yes, 1955, which is after 37 years later! 

Truth behind flight 914

The different theories about the reappearance of Pan American Flight 914

Although we might never know what happened to the missing flight 914, many speculations keep surfacing from time to time.

Theory 1:

UFO and time traveling is among the most talked-about topics revolving around the Flight 914 incident. According to the reports in this support, UFOs are the reason behind the abduction of the airplane. 

Theory 2:

Some reports try to solve the riddle of Flight 914 with an explanation that this plane flew through some sort of time-travel portal. The time-travel concept inspired by the movies and popular web shows is also associated with this aviation mystery. The recent show ‘Manifest,’ which airs on NCB and Netflix, is one of the popular shows among viewers as it amplifies the curiosity to know about the truth of Flight 828. The fans of science fiction shows such as ‘Manifest’ and ‘Twilight Zone’ might have experienced a deja vu while reading about this aviation mystery from history. 

Theory 3: 

One of the most popular theories is that the entire episode of disappearance and mysterious reappearance of Pan American Flight 914 was just a fabricated story by a tabloid named Weekly World News. This tabloid operated between 1979 to 2007 and has been on the internet for publishing concocted stories. Due to curiosity, this tabloid gathered a lot of attention and got a huge readership. This tale was further fueled when a YouTube channel ‘Bright Side’ posted a seven-minute viral video that garnered millions of views. 

Pan American Flight 914

The Weekly World News republished the story of missing Flight 914 twice in the newspaper in different years with a different image of the eye-witness, the air traffic controller named Juan. This is completely bizarre. To add more to the fictitious news published by this infamous tabloid, the image of the plane used in the newspapers is actually a stock photo.
What do you think about this queer incident of Pan Am Flight 914? Leave a comment down below. Stay tuned to our blog section for more such aviation news.


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