Refund Policy

The flight-booking services that SuperFares offers (including other services and fees like Convenience & Service Fees) are non-refundable. In case of cancellations, please ensure that they are done over a call only.

Acceptance of Refund Requests

SuperFares accepts refund requests only if –
You have applied for a cancellation and refund with us.
The fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds.
You are not a “no show”. No Show bookings make passengers in-eligible for any kind of waiver from the suppliers.
We are given the waivers from suppliers to process the request for cancellation and refund.

Timeline for Processing Refunds

While there’s no specific timeline we can share, it usually takes 60-90 days to get the refund processed. This period is calculated from the time you initiate a request for refund until it reflects in your bank account.

Steps Involved In Processing A Refund

Once you raise a cancellation request with our customer service agent, we will send you an email confirming the same. This confirmation doesn’t imply that you qualify for the refund but serves as an acknowledgement of your request.

Post this, we work with the suppliers and try getting the waiver which depends a great deal on the airlines and the supplier rules. Once we have closely worked with them, we share the supplier’s decision. Please note that we are totally dependent on the suppliers and airlines here. If the refund is approved, we’ll notify you about the same. However, the refund will take time to reflect in your bank account.

**Our service fees associated with the original travel are non-refundable.

**All refund fees are charged on a per ticket per person basis.

However, if we are able to get a waiver for this fee from the airline/supplier, we will release the same to you.

Our ‘Refund against Cancellation’ Policy

If you cancel the reservation by calling our customer service team within 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, we consider your refund request and process it with the relevant airline. The airline’s ‘refund against cancellation’ policy is taken into account.

We strive to provide an accurate display of the itinerary details of every trip on the booking page of our website. Unfortunately, it may happen that there is some issue with the display of details and airfare when you book a trip. Your booking has been confirmed by the time we notice the error and fix it. If the fare increases in the meantime, you can either agree to pay the additional amount or choose to cancel the booking.

If the airline accepts your ‘cancellation’ application and ‘refund’ request, we will credit the refund to the account that you had used while making the purchase. Usually the refund will be processed anytime between 24-72 Business hours for cancellation made within the void window and 4-5 Business weeks for cancellation made after void window. It may take longer depending on the transaction system of your financial institution. Make sure to check the ‘transaction’ policy of the financial institution.

If a refund is made to you twice, you are liable to return SuperFares the excess amount credited to your account.

Exchange and Cancellation Policies & Fees

All confirmed airline trips are 100% non-refundable. In certain cases, your request for cancellation and refund may be granted by the airline if you cancel the trip by calling our customer service department before 24 hours of the scheduled departure. However, partially used tickets (in case of one way, round trips and multi city trips) can neither be cancelled nor refunded. A non-refundable ticket may only be exchanged for a new one at the equal or higher fare, not at lower fare, for traveling with the same airline on some other date. Exchange of non-refundable tickets is subject to airline service policy.

Airlines levy a penalty, and a fare difference may arise during exchange of non-refundable tickets. Usually, the credit for such tickets is valid for a limited period of time. You are required to check and confirm the specific expiry date with the airline directly. You must book a trip with the same airline, using the credit and paying the airline’s penalty as well as an additional amount (in case of fare increase) within the expiry date, to avoid the loss of the credit.

We cancel a confirmed trip only if it is permitted by the relevant airline. Usually, confirmed itineraries are not changeable. We can process your request for a change in the details of a confirmed trip (for example, change of travel dates or departure point or arrival point or entire route) with the airline, but it is subject to the airline’s policy. If the requested change in your itinerary is permitted, then airline penalty, fare difference, and a change / exchange fee by us are applicable. Please contact our travel specialists to know the total cost of exchanging your trip for a new trip with the requested change in the itinerary details.

Modification of reservation, for instance change of travel date (s), is a time-consuming process. It may take up to 72 hours for a modification request. You agree to waive any damage or loss that may occur to you due to the delay in modification. Confirmation of your requested change in the itinerary details of your confirmed trip by the airline is out of our control.

Be advised to contact SuperFares rather than calling the operating airline for itinerary modification or booking cancellation. If you get your booking rescheduled or cancelled by the airline directly, we are not able to help you with the changes done in the booking or a refund against direct cancellation as the control of your reservation goes to the airline. Also, the refund timeline may be longer than usual in such cases.

If you contact the airline for modification, for instance, change of date, you may receive an additional invoice from SuperFares stating the modification fee and the penalty that you are responsible to pay in accordance with our Terms of Service.

If you are unable to travel due to some medical condition after your reservation is confirmed, you can cancel the ticket by paying the airline penalty and our service fee if the ticket is refundable, or change the travel date (s) by paying the airline penalty, our service fee and fare difference if the ticket is changeable, or you can keep the ticket in the open status for traveling within a specific period of time if the airline allows you by paying airline penalty, our service fee and fare difference or the entire value of the ticket will be forfeited.

We reserve the right to levy a service fee per ticket for rendering our services towards cancellation of a booking, change of travel date in a booking, and exchange of non-refundable tickets. We offer 24-hour free cancellation for reservations referred to by our partner websites from the time of booking.

Be advised to contact us to know the latest service fee. Airline penalty, fare difference, and our service fee vary depending on ticket types, travel classes and routes.